A Collection of Popular Ecigs’ Unsatisfactions

A Collection of Popular Ecigs’ Unsatisfactions
The best thing you can think about to determine what the right e-cigarette is for you is what you have right now. Are you still using a tank system you got when you first started? Are you using a mod but find it too complicated? Do you like the screw-together- and-vape simplicity of cigalikes but don’t get enough vapour?

So, thinking about your current device, what is it you’re dissatisfied with?

Not enough vapour: This is a simple issue. If your device doesn’t offer enough vapour, you’ll need something more powerful and with a better atomizer. The best option is a mod, especially when paired with a sub ohm tank. Tank systems are also better than cigalikes in this area.

Not enough flavor: Similarly, flavour will generally improve with better atomizers.

Cigalike cartomizers aren’t great for flavour, simple tank systems are better, but sub ohm tanks or other options like the Nautilus Mini paired with mods offer the best flavour.

Limited battery life: Bigger batteries tend to last longer. So tank systems last longer between charges than cigalikes, and mods last longer than tank systems. However, some tank systems offer substantial battery life too, so it’s worth considering anything with a higher mAh rating than your current device.

If you’re a chain-vaper and regularly run into issues with battery life, mods are definitely worth the extra start-up cost.

Running costs too high: Although the biggest expense for a vaper is getting the device, running costs can vary between kits. In general, cigalikes with disposable cartridges are the most expensive to operate. For tank systems and mods, the main cost (apart from e-liquid) is replacement coils, and keeping this to a minimum means choosing the right tank.

For example, Aspire Nautilus coils (5 for £10.99) are more affordable than Atlantis coils (5 for £13.99), and Innokin iSub coils (5 for £9.99) cost even less. Generally, clearomizer coils like the Aspire BVC coils (5 for £8) are the most affordable.
Do You Want Big Clouds?

Since cloud-chasing is fairly popular among vapers, it’s worth looking at the issue of vapour production in a bit more depth than in the previous section.

If you’re serious about producing big clouds, getting a mod is almost mandatory. No other type of e-cig is going to come close to a device like the Coolfire IV TC100. No matter how amazing a standard tank system you find, the vapour it can put out will still pale in comparison to even a basic mod.

This is where the maximum power outputs from mods start to get important. More power (higher watts) means more vapour. So something like the Council of Vapor Mini Volt, which offers up to 40 W, is not going to be able to put out as much vapour as the Coolfire IV TC100, which offers up to 100 W.

The competition for the highest-wattage mod has quickly turned into a bit of an arms race. However, many vapers (like me) aren’t interested in vaping at absurdly high wattages, and you really don’t need to go too far to get a substantial cloud of vapour. For a device like the Coolfire IV TC100, you’ll need a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable atomizer to even approach the upper end of the available wattages. Clouds aren’t all about your choice of device, though: there are many other useful tips you can use to get more vapour from your e-cigarette, whichever one you have.

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