A Guide: What is a good vaping forum?

When I was first introduced to the world of vaping, I was at a loss. I had an inkling of the vastness and richness of the vaping community, but was unable to find an opening into this interflowing of information and varying points of view. Searching the Internet was a pain when everyone had their own preferences and choices for reasons they felt convinced of and I was unable to assess and discern the value of each view.

In my quest for more information I stumbled upon many a vaping forums and blogs, and as my knowledge of vaping gradually accumulates, I was able to distinguish valuable insights among worthless ones and extract useful information from loads of rolling texts. Some solid vaping forums have helped me a great deal along the way and I would like to share my experience of how to identify a good vaping forum in this guide.

By “good” I mean the following things.

1. It should provide thorough, inclusive, and extensive information on the subjects concerned, which should include beginner’s guides, advanced guides, general vaping discussions, product reviews, news and trends and the analysis thereof. To break it down,

a. The beginner’s guides should be comprehensive and in a language easy to understand.

b. The advanced guides should be professional generate content comprising information and insights that are authentic and original from experienced vapors approved by the forum administrator.

c. The general vaping discussions should be unrestricted in terms of subjects eligible for discussion and should be open to newbies and professionals alike.

d. Product reviews should consist of honest and unbiased reviews of the most popular, the most classic, and the latest products including atomizers, mods, eGo style E-cigarettes, E-liquids, batteries and accessories. No agent of a single brand should be allowed too much presence in this section.

e. News and trends section should cover any change in the legal environment and of public opinion. Valid and equitable analysis regarding each current event related with vaping should be provided.

Thorough, inclusive, and extensive information well indexed in one page

2. It should provide a robust community where different user groups may share & exchange ideas on various topics and eventually organize & attend local vape meets and other events.


A robust community for different user groups

3. It should have a large user base to ensure the quality and quantity of the content. This is ascertained by the number of posts in the forum and the number of views and replies of each topic.


A large user base to ensure the quality and quantity of the content

Any vaping forum satisfying all of these requirements is considered “good” in that members/visitors are able to methodically acquire information and build up knowledge, and to share their understandings and insights with willingness and alacrity. Some vaping forums might also display links to websites of reputable vendors to help their members choose only among the most premium brands.

With these guidelines in mind, a good forum is easily identified among its many contemporaries. Take ecf (E-cigarette Forum, arguably the largest E-cigarette website), as an example. It includes all the categories we deemed essential, plus links to outside forum suppliers which immensely expanded the pool of information and resources, and even a section for transaction notices and services, all of which are signifiers of a mature vaping forum with an enormous user base and massive resources. All sections are where they should be and the classification of sub-categories is logical and user-friendly.


Everything…Plus links to outside forum suppliers and a section for transaction notices and services

Take POTV (www.planetofthevapes.co.uk) as another example. Again, it meets all three requirements we deemed indispensible. Although the arrangement and respective positions of different sections vary from that of ecf, everything is where it should be and easy to find.

I hope this concise guide with its examples may be of use to those who are in need of or interested in a good vaping forum.

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