After-sales Service: Which vendor is the best?

After-sales Service: Which vendor is the best?

A company’s after-sales service is all the help and information that is provided to customers after they have bought a particular product. It is of great importance that connection between customers and vendors is not immediately cut off after the transaction is completed. In fact, a transaction is never completed, because it is often the repeat customers that constitute the backbone of a business. Much more so is the E-cig business in which most customers procure regularly from certain vendors they have done business with in the past and trust. The connection between customers and vendors is maintained and augmented by continuous interaction and non-stop services, by which the customers obtain necessary information with regard to the application, maintenance, exchange, or refund of products.

Different vendors provide different levels of after-sales service based on their business codes and service capacity. Vendors like Cacuqecig provide full-scale, first-class after-sales service, by which I mean fast response, useful information, thorough investigation, and full responsibility. Vendors that fall in this category give careful attention to any questions from the any customers, and make fast responses to both regular customers and visitors. When customers make defective product claims, vendors give such claims due attention and after making necessary investigations proceed the prescribed exchange or refund policies without scruples.

However, not all vendors live up the standards we just laid down—some are not so keen to retain their customers, and some are too limited to do so. Short-term cost reduction is apparent, and so is long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers are in the first place feeling human beings, and good services may accomplish that which low prices sometimes cannot.

I do not have to expend too many words here to illustrate the importance of after-sales service. We all know how helpless, upset, impatient, or even angry one can be when he/she encounters delayed, cold, reluctant, incompetent, senseless, or non-existent after-sales service. You’ve got a defective product, your parcels come in half, no one tells you anything useful, all you get is “We are sorry to hear this. We will deal with this asap.” and no one is doing anything! One would be so infuriated with his/her overseas vendor who cares for nothing of customers as long as the bill is received—Good Bye and Farewell, for good!

What are your experiences? Have you encountered any unsatisfactory after-sales services? Or are there commendable ones you wish to share?

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