Secrets to Select RDA

22nd March 2017 cacuq 0

Surely, each vaper has his or her favorite RDA and could clearly list its advantages. However, for newbies, how to select a RDA? In this […]

How OHM Affects Your Vaping?

20th March 2017 cacuq 0

If you’re vaping an e-cigarette personal atomizer, there’s a good chance you have a tank or clearomizer that contains an atomizer that is replaceable when […]

Newest Ecig Mod:SMOK QBOX Mod

17th March 2017 cacuq 0

The SMOK Q-BOX 50W TC Box Mod is the svelte, compact output technology from SMOK’s incredible line-up, presenting a miniaturized box mod designs with ample […]

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