Best Vaping Atomizers:KAEES Vane Tank

Rd90mlzWhen i first get the atomizer, its appearance seems to be normal and it doesn’t have so much specialties while when i truly tested the atomizer,i have to say it is a miracle!Vane really hit the mark and created an awesome tank.First, the appearance is clean and sharp and the tank, though simple, seems to be a high class kit.When i first open the kit, it surprises me that it utilizes top filling design, as normal , top filling usually brings hot vapor and oil drips while this kit will not have you suffered this.

Besides, i found it that the adjustable double X top airflow system can guarantee the pure taste & huge cloud production.Also it ensures your tank never leak. The Vane Tank has a quick and clean top-fill tank.Refilling 2ml tank in literally only seconds, because you can drip, drop or pour your E- liquid into the Vane tank smoothly. To provide a premium vaping experience, there are 6 coils available (0.3ohm/0.5 ohm/1.2ohm/1.5ohm/ Ni200). Also it comes with replaceable delrin drip tip , you can choose colorful drip tip to enrich your vaping life.
KAEES Vane Tank
Here ,i will list a review of the kit by our users for you to have a close realization of the atomizer:“My excitement grew with anticipation as I opened the package and even more when I read the filling instructions. Which are as easy as it gets with the new Top filling, Cup design. I really like the fact that you can fill the new Vane tank right to the top and not worry about any leaking. I have been useing the New Vane Tankever sinse I received it three days ago and I have no desire to use any other tank I own. So far I can’t find one thing that I don’t like about the Vane tank. The Flavor and Vapor production are absolutely phenomenal.I give this new Vane tank 5 out of 5 stars and will be recommending it to everyone I know.”

KAEES Vane Tank
Some of the reviewers even put the tank under the microscope and it astonished him that No sharp edges or the like. It sits all tight and nothing wobbles.Then , he filled the tank with a syringe to see whether it is 2 ml and he found that it can fit in almost 2.4 / 2.5 ml, overflows without something.Just by simply unscrewing the top cap and filling up to the top of the coil, you can fill the tank.TopCap again got screwed and ready. A similar system is known already by another tank, only in this one, the coil is screwed into the base.

I have also made a test using the 0.5 Ohm coil to see whether it can be fired up to 25 to 75 watts.First starting at 25 watts, and then gone off in steps of 5 to 75 watts. Filling I have the tank with a 50/50 Liquid.Under the circumstance, the taste of the e-juice can be restored and the sapor is great and authentic.The higher the wattage is ,the more steam development.The mouthpiece will be warm at 60 watts and at 75w, the coil won’t be too hot and the taste is retained.Nothing burned taste whatever the wattage is!
Leakage is not possible because the AirFlow is above. The air is drawn laterally and flows downwardly through the coil up again. This system has a better taste.This Vane atomizer by KAEES is truly great design product with the adjustable top airflow and anti-leakage system. It really gives you pure flavor and huge vapor cloud. That combines with its replaceable delrin drip tip to provide great experience ever seen!As you can see, more and more personalized atomizers come and it means that the
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