Big Vapor Chasers’ Benefits: High Voltage Monsters Surge in Sequence

Hello guys, big vapor kits have been widely accepted in recent years and become more and more popular. Not long ago, people are surrounded by a vast of 200W,220W or 150W kits while today, 300W is not that rare because there are still 350W and 360W kits. However, the high voltage mods are coupled with two versions, usually making you involved in the choice of both low and high voltage as your wishes. You can use both dual or quad batteries to change the voltage, do you want to know what are our today’ guests? They are the IJOY EXO 360 Box Kit, SMOK GX350 Mod and WISMEC RX 300W Mod



The EXO 360 can reach up to 360W output power when powered by 4x 18650 cells or 220W power by 2x 18650 cells. And the EXO XL is an improvement of limitless XL, which features an astounding working range of up to 215W, combined with 3 optional fully featured RTA decks, XL-1, XL-2, XL-2S. This kit is definitely going to bring you with fantastic vaping experience for fantastic flavor and huge cloud! What sets this mod apart from the Maxo is that you can utilize either four or two 18650 batteries.

With two cells installed, the maximum power output tops out at 220 watts, while four batteries will allow for a whopping 360 watts. Batteries look to be loaded from the bottom and are easily retrieved via a hinged battery door that conveniently flips open. Or, you can use the USB port to top off the cells while they are installed in the device. The chip that powers the EXO 360 is unknown, but if it is an IWEPAL board, you will be able to fire down to a resistance of just 0.06Ω with any coil wire type including titanium, nickel or stainless steel.


The SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod is the epitomizes today’s modern workhorse technology, raising the standard in maximum output to a staggering 350W within a striking showcase piece that can handle four 18650 batteries. Specially designed by SMOKTech to create the strongest power with the most compact device it can possibly be, the GX350 Mod measures 84.5mm by 58mm by 40.4mm in a poly-angular apparatus with soft contour all-around for ergonomic form factor and stunning impression.

It also has the capability to be run with only dual 18650, powering the device down to a maximum wattage output of 220W. The chipset features comprehensive temperature control with support for Ni200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel heating elements. Integrated within the internal onboard is a slews of safety features, with a microUSB port that specifically caters to future firmware upgrades. Raising the standard in flagship power output technology within a beautifully crafted apparatus, the SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod epitomizes the advanced innovation of the industry.

What’s most impressive about this new device is that it’s powered by either two or four 18650 batteries, which are sold separately from the kit. When using the 2 battery configuration, you have the ability to reach 220 watts of power, but when you use all 4 batteries you can reach up to 350 watts of power. As with many mods available today, this new and exciting addition to the Smok family also offers temperature control, which allows you to range from 200 to 600 degrees, and fire down as low as 0.06ohm. Other features includes a puff monitoring system, a 12-second cut-off, short-circuit protection, over-heating protection, and low battery warning.

With the RX300, Wismec is bringing out a brand new mod in their RX series. The device features 300 watts of output, a new menu, accurate temperature control and is powered by quad 18650 batteries.The box mod has a new form factor and is larger than the RX200, RX200S and RX2/3 to allow for the additional battery. There are two versions available: the first is made from what looks to be the same zinc alloy as previous RX devices (although fasttech lists this one as leather finish) and the second features a premium and more expensive carbon fiber finish. Both varieties are available in black or silver and there’s also changeable stickers to alter the mod’s look according to your preference.

A magnitized battery cover similar to the original chassis is present, featuring carbon fiber inlays or faux leather. The mod utilizes four 18650 high rate batteries to ensure it can effectively provide up to 300 watts for long periods of time. For easy access, the battery bay door mechanism looks to be similar to its predecessors. To remove/insert cells, simply pull off the battery door that is held down by powerful magnets. Or, if you prefer to top off the cells while they’re in the device, you can plug it into any USB wall/computer via the micro USB port on the control face. While previous RX devices had problems with balanced charging and ensuring cells reached optimum voltage, we are hoping that Wismec has fixed these issues with the Reuleaux RX300. Of course, it is always advisable to charge batteries externally. Best of all, the mod can also be used as a power bank for charging your mobile phone in case of emergencies.

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