CoilArt Mage RTA Is Compact But Powerful Enough to Rock Your World!

CoilArt recently presented their latest groundbreaking product by the name of Mage RTA! Mage is a 24mm diameter RTA constructed out from the commonly seen 304 stainless steel. And it certainly looks beautiful because Coil Art claims this top-fill rebuildable tank to be the shortest 24mm RTA out on the market today as it sits only 44mm tall from drip tip to contact pin! Well,this surely makes it live up to its reputation as the shortest 24mm RTA on today’s market. The tiny-sized Mage RTA provides vapers who are lucky to own it a simple top-filling method, and easy to use and build velocity style build deck as well as great airflow with three adjustable airflow slots which is 1mm x 9mm in size.

These airslots result in two 4mm airflow chambers space at the bottom of each coil. The velocity style deck with 2mm post holes solves the problem of rebuilding the tank perfectly with no trouble at all! Simply insert your own clapton coils with no worries and you can expect the coils will get the adequate amount of airflow they need to offer you a satisfied vaping experience!

The CoilArt Mage 24mm RTA is a high performance rebuildable tank atomizer that combines an amazing conpact size and a huge e-liquid capacity for its size as it can hold up to 3.5ml liquid with no problem. It comes with an extremely convenient top-filling mechanism and a multi-function two post dual terminal build deck too! Mage RTA measures 24mm in diameter and 31mm from base to 510 base. It looks compact and tiny in size but is still able to hold up to 3.5ml e-liquid. Refilling the tank is accomplished through a thread which is intergrated into the delrin drip tip top cap that has two filling ports. The two post build deck is connected to the base via a freely rotating system,making rebuilding the tank much easier than the traditional atomizers. This is because there are cutouts in both the chimney and the base ensuring to provide vapers an easy and strong construction.

The build deck has a two-post dual terminals per post design with a 2mm diameter. The deck is 15.2mm in diameter. The air blows into the atomizer through the quad 1mm by 9mm air slots at the bottom of the chassis. Then the air flow travels into the two airholes which measure 4mm in diameter located in the building chamber. In a word,made out of 304 stainless steel and high grade pyrex glass, the CoilArt Mage RTA is the one of the best rebuildable tank system on the current market with versatility and excellent core features that can meet most vapers’s different needs for vaping!

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