Do You Know The Difference between Ecigs and Vaporizers?

Standard e-cigarettes are the cigarette look-a-likes, a similar size to traditional cigarettes, but instead containing a battery and a cartomizer (a combination of the cartridge, holding the e-liquid and the atomizer). The glowing LED light on the end of the battery resembles the tip of a cigarette.They are said to be the best replacement for traditional cigarettes, without the harmful health effects, and their petite size makes them easier to pack. They come in either disposable or rechargeable options.As the demand of ecigs grows, many e cigarette wholesale distributors born!

Vaporizers are different than e-cigs in that they resemble a fountain pen, and look less like traditional cigarettes. They are made up of a large battery at one end, a clear reservoir tank in the middle and a mouthpiece. Pressing a button on the battery activates the heating element which vaporizes the e-juice and releases vapor. They are larger in size, provide consistent nicotine delivery and have long lasting batteries. The vaporizer can be more costly to get started if compared to the basic e-cigs, but once you have your vaporizer pen, the eLiquid capsule refills are just as cheap as the e-cigs cartomizers.
Anatomy of a Vaporizer
The vaporizer is made up of various components.
These are:
Battery: This is the power source and is charged through USB.
Tube: Main console of the vaporizer
Cartridge: Houses the e-liquid, aka e-juice.
Atomizer: Responsible for heating up the e-liquid and creating vapor that the user inhales and exhales.
Cartomizer: This is the cartridge and atomizer rolled into one.
E-liquid: Also known as e-juice, this is where the action is. This is a water-based liquid infused with nicotine. It can come plain or in an array of flavors numbering in the hundreds. The e-juice comprises the following ingredients:
Vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol

Anti-smoking groups Cancer Research UK and Tenovus Cancer Care recently spoke out about the benefits of e-cigarettes after failed plans by Welsh government to ban use of them in enclosed spaces.According to their reports, nearly 2000 people in Wales die from lung cancer each year, with 8 out of 10 of those caused by smoking.

Evidence suggests that e-cigarettes are mainly being used by smokers trying to kick the habit, rather than for non-smokers to experiment with (as some have suggested).Tenovus’ ‘Quit with Us’ campaign found that those using e-cigarettes as tools to quit smoking are more successful than others, with two-thirds finding them the most effective way to quit.Cancer Research UK spoke out after claims that you can overdose on nicotine using e-cigarettes. Stating that there has never been a case of overdose from inhaling e-liquid vapor. In other words, you can safely use your e-cigarette to help manage nicotine withdrawal. Their recent article outlines some common misconceptions about e-cigarettes.

Ultimately, the choice between using e-cigs or vaporizers is up to the user. Both help users avoid the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, and they offer plenty of choices in flavorings as well as nicotine strengths, to suit a broad range of vaping preferences.

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