Does vaping help with depression?

Does vaping help with depression?

People get depressed all the time. They get depressed with apparent reasons and with no reasons at all. Depression needs no analysis, no explanation, no justification, and it comes like avalanche crashing down but goes away like extracting silk. After it has tainted your brain, your heart, there will always be a shade of blot, lingering and pulsing, stirring and upsetting, always nagging and forever whispering.

Depressed people need hope, but often that hope which is able to deliver proves to be evasive, incorporeal, and inconstant. When hope is not available, distraction is the second best choice. Some watch TV, some travel, some read, and if they are vapers they tend to find distraction in clouds.

But one finds not distraction in vaping; one sinks deeper into the bottomless pit, for one vapes alone in depression. These moments of solitary introspections offer an escape route to run along , a cave to hide into, an mirage to fade within. These moments of cloistered emptiness carve the conviction of complete meaninglessness, utter nothingness, and radical disillusionment onto the heart of the lonely one.

When clouds rise above the head and shift around in a shroud, any negative thoughts, however insignificant they might have been, would be magnified out of proportion. After moments of sudden enlightenment there are overwhelming torrents of numbness and despair. Nicotine might excite adrenaline and cause rushes of thrill, but this may go either ways. The depressed may translate the sudden release of epinephrine as deliverance from the state of depression, or agitation and extreme restless may reign over the mind. Some people tend to sink deeper under interference, void of the power or will to resist the rush of despair, in which case nicotine may act as a murdering adversary instead of a friendly hand.

Depression is a terrifying assailant, a deadly enemy. It comes out of nowhere, lands overwhelming blows on our defense and tears our barricades to pieces. It has a name, but not a body; it is invisible, and that makes it invincible. It lurks like darkness in the corners of shadow; it lingers and probes, advances and stabs, suffocates but never terminates—it forces the man to do the dirty work himself. Vaping creates too much of the already excessive solitude in which both the hands and minds are idle, and it is therefore unable to provide the desperately needed distraction for the mind to flee towards. It makes the depressed mind even more focused on its misery.

Vapers, when you fall into the pit of depression and see no way out, do not remain alone in isolation, for a depressed mind in seclusion is not capable of sanity, and often tortures itself with imagined but overpowering sufferings. There are no good ways to combat depression, but staying alone vaping is definitely destructive.

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