Does Vaping Make You More Attractive?

Does Vaping Make You More Attractive?

Regardless of what made you first take up vaping, the question of whether vaping makes you more attractive must have been at the back of your mind at least to some degree. There are some of friends of mine who are always conscious of whether the pose, vapor, or the design of the mod would serve as a plus for them, and they can’t wait to have the opposite sex see them shrouded in mysterious clouds or sitting on a bench wrapping coils. I would like to in this article specify and discuss some of the “Plus” which vaping undisputedly brings a person with regard to personal attractiveness.

The first major “Plus” is the vaping enhances your smell. Chain smokers walk around like smelling ash trays, and their clothes, hair, and skin are permeated with a very unpleasant stench. If you are a smoker turned to vaping, congratulations, you are more approachable and are more likely to attract the opposite sex because you smell better.

Another benefit would be the improvement of appearance. Smoking makes you wrinkled and dry. Yellow teeth and yellow nails are definitely two big “Minuses” too. Again, vaping delivers you from all these downfalls.

Vaping also makes you more healthy compared with smoking. At least you don’t cough your lungs out in the middle of a conversation. And with the stoppage of the inhale of thousands of chemicals which have been proved harmful or even deadly, your overall health must be on the improvement. Few people would object that a healthy person is considerably more attractive than an ill one. Poets might think different, but we are not all of us poets.

Those three “Plus” mentioned above are the benefits that vaping confers along with the cessation of smoking, and they are all material, corporeal, touchable, and almost undisputed. In the following sections I would like to proceed to approach something less definable, more intangible, and more immeasurable.

One has to reckon upon the reality that vaping awards you with a unique bearing, a spiritualized dignity, a mysterious air, an inexplicable quality. The most extended faculty of language fails here to accurately grasp that special something which vaping bestows upon those who are related with it. It’s like when you think of football your blood boils, your cheek reddens and you start to have difficulty breathing or blinking your eyes. This vaping thing takes your most inherent essence and transforms them, consolidating floating thin silver rays into a transcending existence which is above human quality. Vaping spiritualizes singularity, idolizes individualism, and worships humanism. The mass are vulgar, according not only to Hume, but also a dozen other philosophers, and people are seeking something which is special, unique, one-of-a-kind, yet absolutely human. Vaping miraculously fits in these heart-searches and gives men (a human being of either sex) a hope to struggle for sovereignty against the higher beings, and though wicked it is, men (a human being of either sex) revel in dark and decadent beauties such as this. It is considered attractive almost universally in this post-modern society we live in.

This is no less reality than the physical existences which cry unto us their finality every minute. This is no imaginary projection of the mind. This is a just and fair recognition of the fact that vaping makes one more attractive.

Ours is an old and dusty world, and we cannot be surprised by that we are attracted to people who care to renew their appearances and abstract their essences by the strangely effective means of vaping.

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