E Cigarette Machine: Mig Vapor Brain Fogger

E Cigarette Machine: Mig Vapor Brain Fogger-Believe it or not, after testing out some of the top wax pens and atomizers on the market, I still found myself seeking for the end-all-be-all of wax pens. Yeah, many of these devices have great features but they all have their advantages and disadvantages. I am hoping that the MigVapor Brain Fogger will be the answer to my question: When will they make a wax atomizer that just works great each time, with little to no hassle?

MigVapor told us they have been working to develop the ultimate wax attachment that performs as well as the Sub Herb, but for concentrates. If this thing vaporizes wax anything like the way the Sub Herb vaporizes herb, then we are in business! Although it works with most mods, MigVapor recommends using the Brain Fogger with the Target Mini. When they discovered how well the devices worked together, they contacted Vaporesso immediately for a collaboration. Now you can purchase the MigVapor Brain Fogger complete kit aka the Mini Badass kit, which includes a Brain Fogger and Target Mini sporting the green MigVapor logo.
E Cigarette Machine: Mig Vapor Brain Fogger.As soon as I took the Brain Fogger out of the black and rainbow box, I was impressed with how slick the tank looks. It has a shape reminiscent of the original Nautilus Mini, thinner in diameter than the Sub Herb, probably around 18mm. The actual coil design is unlike anything I have ever seen before. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a coil at all. It looks more like a ceramic computer chip. The pyrex pops right off with o-rings, no threading just like the Sub Herb.

It is obvious that MigVapor doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. They tend to always use the best materials such as pyrex and stainless steel for their devices, the Brain Fogger being no exception. Now they’re taking it to the next level with gold-plated 510 pins for maximum conductivity, which is very important for getting that perfect hit. I can’t wait to load the MigVapor Brain Fogger up and give it a shot. It’s about to get cloudy up in here!
E Cigarette Machine.Wow. I am impressed with this little thing. The stacked doughnut “ceramic microchip” coil first melts your concentrates into liquid, and then completely vaporizes it, and I mean completely! There was not one bit of wax left when I was done, very impressive. But that’s not even my favorite part. Let’s talk about the flavor for a minute. Holy crap, the flavor you get off the Brain Fogger is so pure and tasty. At 20W, you hear a crackle right away and smell the beautiful aroma instantaneously.

The draw resistance on this atomizer is perfect too. It gives you a nice amount of airflow while still maintaining great flavor and dense vapor. The clouds that you can get out of the Brain Fogger are ridiculously big and thick. The best word to describe the hits you get off this device are satisfying. It really “hits the spot”.

If you wanted to go a bit more stealth, you could also take it down to 15W and try a few smaller puffs. This will also help to conserve your material and battery life. For dry burning and cleaning, MigVapor recommends no more than 27W. The Brain Fogger coils are made from SS316 and ceramic so you can actually use them in temperature mode up to about 300°F.
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