E-cigs to become available through the NHS after the New Year

People will soon be able to get electronic cigarettes prescribed to them on the NHS, it is believed.
This new measure is expected to come about after the New Year, but the Government have kept it quiet for fear of doctors being overrun by people after the smoking device.
Doctors will soon be able to prescribe the e-cig to patients who want to quit, and this is expected to cost the NHS around £20 per kit and £10 per week for each cartridge.
It is thought that 76,000 lives could be saved every year if all smokers switched to electronic cigarettes.

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Over 2.6 million people are thought to use e-cigarettes, and half are ex-smokers.

Ms Ellison, public health minister, has reportedly said that the Government believe e-cigs are far less harmful than smoking.
According to British American Tobacco, E-cigarettes are thought to contain ‘pharmaceutical grade’ nicotine.
Up until this point, GPs have been unable to recommend e-cigs to patients as they were not licenced, and were having to recommend other replacements such as nicotine patches and gum.
This move to make e-cigarettes available on the NHS is expected to bring long-term savings on the health budget.

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