Ecig Health Forum : Regular E-Cigs v. Refillable E-Cigs

Ecig Health Forum. Are you looking for ecigs forum to look for articles about vaping or are you lacking some plausible suggestions while you seek nothing? Here , this healthy ecigs forum—Cacuq forum will give you a lot of useful information to deal with the troubles when you suffer when you vape!

The big and ongoing debate in the vaping world is whether you should use electronic cigarette with disposable cartridges, or whether you should refillable electronic cigarettes with atomizers. The answer is not as simple as many vapers make out, and the right electronic cigarette depends on who you are and what you are looking for.

Battery Life: You’re just not going to get the same battery life with an electronic cigarette with a battery the size of a regular cigarette. Our standard batteries last around 100-120 puffs – a super tank battery can last up to 600 puffs. What’s more, a more powerful battery means more vapour.
Choice: Our regular e-cigarettes come in tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla and chocolate flavour. But with refillable electronic cigarettes the choice is endless.

Atomiser failure: Atomisers don’t last forever – sometimes they last a few days, sometimes a few weeks, but at some point your atomiser will die. It still beats the cost of buying regular refills, though.

Complexity: Dripping, refilling, atomiser maintenance, clearing flooded atomisers – it can be a steep learning curve, and in our experience smokers new to vaping are more likely to be successful with a regular, two-part e-cigarette.
Battery: While new vapers find the weight of a super tank off-putting, longer users love the battery life – which can be up to 6 times longer than a regular e-cig battery.Ecig Health Forum.

Choice: If you want to try a vast variety of weird and wonderful e-liquid flavours, here’s your chance – you can put any flavor into a refillable tank.

Ecig Health Forum. If you are new to e-cigarettes, we recommend a regular e-cigarette for a smooth switch from smoking to vaping. But if you are already using e-cigs, and want to experiment with different flavours, it might be time to try a refillable tank! Agree or disagree, or think I have missed something? Let me know in the comments.

These tips should help you recognize the differences between regular e-cigs and refillable e-cigs, but there is a lot more to get more knowledge about the atomizers. There are tons of different approaches to try, heated debates about the merits of different coil arrangements, and a big helping of personal preference to deal with. In short, this post will set you down the right path, but you’ll have to walk the remaining distance to your personal flavour-chasers nirvana on your own. Just follow your tastebuds, and don’t get lost in the clouds.


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