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I wish I could remember where I first heard about e-cigarettes. I’d been following various writers on harm-reduction for some time, so it was probably mentioned by one of them or in the popular science press. In any case, I got my first e-cigarette in November 2007. I ordered it from a Chinese website and it arrived in about a week; A maroon DSE 901 with a bottle of Green Tea e-liquid and I was absolutely blown away by it as a “proof of concept”. It really wasn’t good enough as a full substitution device, but it got me wondering whether, a. there were any better e-cigs out there and b. anyone else was as impressed as I was. When I looked on the web there was literally no discussion in the English language. There were a few marketers selling them at very high prices (and some were making very dubious claims). So, in December I started E-Cigarette-Forum to get to the bottom of things, and the rest is history.


I was never a heavy smoker. For me, smoking was always a social thing, at clubs mostly, or at parties where smokers were everywhere. Smoking goes very well with alcohol for some reason. During the week I just didn’t smoke. If I wasn’t drinking I couldn’t stand the taste or the smell of a lit cigarette. Working on a project one afternoon in late 2011 with John Manzione, I noticed that he was switching between our project and research on electronic cigarettes. He asked me to try one and to give him my honest opinion. He handed me a small black battery (blu cigs) with a cartomizer attached and asked me to “smoke”. After I did I said,

“This is an electronic cigarette?” John answered that it was, and “It is the future of smoking, I guarantee it.” Later that day I ordered a starter kit, did my own research, and made the decision to “vape” whenever I wanted to, which helped me tremendously with the stress of being a stock photographer, who are only as good as their last shoot.

I started with zero-nicotine, then moved to 12mg about a month later. It helped me focus, I was sharper. I loved everything about it. When John asked me to come to work for Spinfuel full time in April 2012 I believed enough in the technology, John, and his business model, so I decided to join the team. I never looked back. Today I happen to use whatever it is I’m reviewing, but I have a collection of SMOK ZMAX’s and when not reviewing some new mod or APV you can find my Red Brass ZMAX not far from wherever I happen to be, usually with an AeroTank attached.

BIO: Julia Hartley-Barnes is the reviews editor and columnist for Spinfuel eMagazine. She continues to shoot stock photography and lives with her spouse in Boston Massachusetts and Port Saint Lucie Florida. Julia turns 31 this year and has been vaping full time since January 2012.

I first heard about vaping when some coworkers tried using e-cigarettes. I thought they were idiots. Most didn’t keep up with it. Then some time later, I wanted to try and switch to save money. I had to eat my words and ask one of them about the products. I was turned on to a terrible, but inexpensive starter kit. An RN4081 model if I recall. I was amazed that it actually produced a fair amount of “smoke” and had one heck of a kick, stronger than my regular cigarettes. It took maybe a week or two until I was using it full-time, and maybe a week after that I upgraded to a new model. That last part pretty much hasn’t stopped yet.

My vaping journey began when my wife suggested this silly idea she saw the neighbors using an E-Cig! I told her I don’t think that would work but hey, we tried everything else why not give it a shot! We ordered the “Couples Kit” by V2, four stick batteries with 10 cartos, $150.00! The package came in, I read the instructions and began to charge my batteries! The first time I screwed the “Cowboy” filled carto onto to my battery and took a puff, I never touched another cigarette again!

It was by no means anything amazing but it was sufficient enough to satisfy my cravings and get me off combustible tobacco. The hardest part in switching to vaping is your taste, which rapidly changes as you stop inhaling smoke. No matter what the hurdles were though, both me and my wife toughed it out and started our research onto bigger and better devices as well as a variety of eliquid. I often disagree with the opinion some vapers have on stick batteries. Although we know that there are way superior products on the market currently, if it weren’t for those V2 stick batteries I would have never discovered this wonderful less harmful alternatives to tobacco cigarettes!

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