How to Choose Your Suitable RDA?(Part 1)

Hello everyone, i am Ceci from Cacuq. How is your holiday? Have you met problems with your RDA? Though with many problems, different RDA has different pros and cons and everyone has their own favorite, so, today i am going to teach you how to choose your suitable RDA!

1.Get know of your demand, sapor or vapor?

Judgment basis:

Sapor: Small size, small amount of air and the diameter of the drip tip is small, most likely the 510 drip tip.

Vapor: Big size with a large amount of air, complied with many air holes and the drip tip comes with big size.

Conclusion: People commonly think that sapor and vapor can’t exist at the same time while in daily life, many sapor- oriented can also produce a lot of vapor at a low resistance, besides, small RDA can also satisfy your demand of big amount of vapor. Last but not least, this type of small RDA consume less power.

2.The match of the RDA and the mod

Judgment basis:

(1) The size of the atomizer and the mod must be matched.

(2) The color of the atomizer and the mod.

(3) The length and width of the atomizer and mod.

Conclusion: Nowadays, there are more and more different sizes atomizers and you’d better get know of whether the atomizer comes with 22mm or 24mm. I firmly believe that a 24mm atomizer will be strange to match a 22mm mod.At the same time ,it will be also strange that a 26650 mod matches with a 22mm atomizer. Besides, though many stainless steel atomizers are common in the market, many copper mechanical mods are strange to work with a stainless steel atomizer. In a word, it is better to match the material too. The last thing i want to mention is that there are many small size atomizers on the market but still the big guys exist, such as the Kennedy and BF99. If we put this guy on the mods like the ES40 or ELEAF PICO, you will feel a bit of top-heavy.

3.The specifications of the output

Judgment basis: many atomizers require the mods or output devices provide 3.7v -4.2v power or voltage and many complicated coils need higher voltage.

Conclusions: commonly, a 50W mod can provide a 0.3ohm atomizer with 3.88V output and the 80W mod can provide it with 4.8V while a 150W mod with dual batteries connect in series can provide 8V or above voltage.

Therefore, how indeed can we know the minimum resistance and maximum voltage of our mod? You can know them in your packing specifications. Another way is to calculate it by yourself. For example, if the Kennedy perform itself at best under the resistance of 0.2 ohm, what the voltage is under the minimum of 4.2V. Here we can calculate it by the power calculation formula, that is 4.2*4.2/0.2, the result is 88.2W, that means if you want to put the Kennedy under the best performance, you’ d better choose a mod with at least 80W power.

There are still many other problems and today, i will only list the 3 parts, if you want to know more about the RDA and choose your suitable one, you can come to Cacuq to know more newest e-cigs news or most comprehensive information or common sense about ecigs.

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