How to Choose Your Suitable RDA?(Part 2)

Hello guys, a few days before i launched a passage talking about selecting our most suitable RDA and today i am going to continue the topic because there are still other ways to choose your favorite. If you want to know the previous tips, you can click here to see the “How to Choose Your Suitable RDA?(Part 1)”

4.Know the air inflow methods
Side air inflow: The sapor is clear and soft such as HOBO 3.1 atomizer;
Top air inflow: You will suffer a bit of stuck and the sapor tastes so-so, but you will not suffer side-way leaking such as Kaees vane;
Bottom air inflow:The sapor tastes full-bodied but there will be leaking of oils, such as the Kennedy and BF99 RDA;
Complex air inflow:The air inflow ways are adjustable and the sapor can be various due to different methods.
Conclusion: as for RDA, it is important to choose a suitable air inflow ways because different way has different sapor , as well as the heat dissipation potential and the absorption resistance.

5.How to choose your decks
(1)The simplest structure of single coil: dual decks dual posts
(2)The simplest structure of dual coil: dual decks and quad- posts or quad decks and quad posts
(3)The simplest structure of quad coils: triple decks or quad decks and quad posts.
Conclusion: the aim of the introduction is to provide you with the simplest coil- stabilizing way, the simpler way it is, the more suitable the kit for the vapers. The ways of structure of the deck and stabilizing ways of the coils vary from one to another and the commonly seen ways are single coil, dual coils and quad coils.


6.Whether it is compatible with the abyss coil
Basis:(1)Whether the coil holes of the deck can be passed through by the abyss coil;
(2)Whether the stabilizing way of the coil can damage the feet of the abyss coil;
(3)Whether the capacity of the tank can be affordable for the width and the heat of the abyss coil.
Conclusion:most of the holes of the atomizers can bear coils of 1.0mm diameter while most of the diamters of the abyss coils are greater than 1.00mm so if you choose the type, you should take it into consideration.


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