How to Safely Vape by Avoiding Ecigs Explosion?

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We occasionally see from the media some reports of electronic cigarette explosion. In theory, the battery products have the possibility of explosion. For example, not long after the hubbub of the Samsung Note 7 explosion. Electronic cigarettes’ explosion are in fact caused by the battery .

In addition to the battery, the other parts of the electronic cigarette will not cause explosion. Will we no longer use the phones because of the occasionally explosion? Absolutely not. In fact, electronic cigarette explosion is often caused because of incorrect use. As long as you correctly use or follow the steps, the probability of explosion is very low.
So,What are the general reasons for causing the explosion of electronic cigarettes ? How should we properly use the electronic cigarettes? Ceci will tell you in the following. There are two main points you should obey to safely use the ecigs: 1. Prevent short circuit; 2. Keep away from high-temperature source.

It is of easy understanding of getting away from the high temperature source, for example: to avoid the battery kits or ecigs with battery inside’ exposure under the sun for a long time, nor throw them to the fire while how to avoid the short circuit? Let’s explain in the following.
1.You must choose high-quality battery instead of the batteries with worn-out pieces.

The battery is surrounded by a layer of insulated plastic wrapping and If this layer of “coat” is broken, the metal shell of the battery will be closed to the metal wall of the battery’s tank, which will cause the battery short-circuit.

2.The newbies are suggest to use the sub-ohm tank or the aio which have the circuit protection and use seldom of the mechanical box mods.
The mechanical rod is of no short-circuit protection,which means that once there goes the short circuit, the
positive and negative battery are directly connected, causing huge energy’s releasing in a short time, which means that it is likely to burn or explode while many of the box mods have short-circuit protection, under this circumstance, if there is short-circuit there will be no explosion because the pausing of the mods.

3.When you are doing DIY, you’d better not use the low resistance wire.
Some DIY vapers may be in pursuit of high power and large vapor so they use low resistance wire. The low resistance wire will cause high voltage , so as to cause the overheating and burning or even explosion of the mods, which is neither safe nor conducive to the working life of the device. As for the single heating wire, the resistance is better no less than 0.1 ohms and the twisted wire or multiple, the resistance will be reduced geometrically. Electronic cigarette DIY users should better get some basic understandings of physics knowledge. Voltage of the parallel circuit remain the same as the current increases while series circuit current remain the same while voltage increases. For example, the maximum battery output current is 40 A, we can use the formula: voltage / current = resistance, 3.7V / 40A ≈ 0.1Ω, in theory, this battery supports a limiting resistance of 0.1Ω.

4.Under the use of the DIY of RTA / RDA , you’d better check the distance between the coil and the base in order to avoid short circuit.

5. When you get a new kit, you’d better check the if there is any metal trivial on the 510 interface before your use.
As we know, the middle deck of the 510 interface is the positive pole while the surrounding screw is negative. On common circumstance, the positive and negative electrodes are separated by an insulator. Sometimes, there will be some metal debris left in the deduction during the hardware factory’s processing without clean-up. If there are metal shavings left on the interface, it is likely to make contact between the positive and negative, resulting in short circuit.
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