If you could, what would you like to say to E-cig manufacturers?

If you could, what would you like to say to E-cig manufacturers?


There are many things I’d like to say to certain E-cig manufacturers, things that have been on my mind for a long time. Like, I would love to ask manufacturer A: Why is it that your newest atomizer so astoundingly identical with one which was released a month ago by manufacturer B? I won’t say more; more would be suggestive, accusing, and offensive.


Then again, I would love to ask manufacturer B: Earlier this month your new Mod was introduced with grand entrance and ceaseless advertisements and promotions; but isn’t it exactly the same with the Mod you released just two months ago, aside from extra color options?


Now seeing manufacturer C in the same room and currently available, I would love to walk towards him and have the following conversation.

“Mr. C,” I approach, “there is something I don’t quite understand about the E-cig business. Maybe you could enlighten me somehow.”

“Please speak. I’ll be most ready to answer any questions you put forward!”

“That’s so obliging of you, Mr. C. I would like to understand why, for instance, a TC Mod which costs about $10 to manufacture, is sold at $100, shipping cost excluded? Isn’t this a bit, too good to be true?”

“Uhm… Excuse me, nature’s call, stay, and I’ll be right back.”

C leaves and is successful at avoiding my search for the rest of time.


Mind you, none of these conversations actually happened; these are just hypothetical mind games I am playing. But, as I said, I am confused about things, lots of things, even though I work in this industry. I would like to ask manufacturer D who seems to be hiding from me this question: “Pray tell me, Mr. D, is there any truth in the rumor which suggests that certain representatives from a certain place often visit certain wholesalers and borrow from them certain items which belong to certain different parties other than that from which the said representatives come?”



“Never mind. I understand.” I am still confused. There is of course no proof. They certainly do not understand a word I say.

Anyhow, chances are that a full room of manufacturers are now avoiding me like I’m a leper. I have probably touched somewhere sore, something inside, and it makes people uncomfortable and feel threatened. That’s fair; that’s the way things always are.


What about you? What would you say to an E-cig manufacturer if you ever have a chance?

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