Illegal Marijuana Vapes Are More and More Seen in Stillwater

Vaporizers heat your “herbal material” (this euphemism pops up in all public vape discussions, but, let’s be honest, very few of us are jazzed about huffing lavender) until it hits a temperature that turns active ingredients into a light, inhalable mist. Studies suggest that vaping is less bad for you than smoking, because lighting things on fire throws off toxins that you really oughtn’t usher into your lungs. Indeed, New York state’s medical marijuana legislation actually disallows smoking weed and instead advises that patients either eat or vaporize their analgesic ganj.

Stillwater police are now seeing marijuana in e-cigarettes. And they said people buying the stuff may have no idea what they are getting into. KOCO’s Crystal Price has more on the spike of drug vapes.
STILLWATER, Okla. —Smoking marijuana vapes may be legal in other states, but it is against the law in Oklahoma.


Officials with the Stillwater Police Department said they are seeing a spike in dealers purchasing marijuana vapes from other states and selling them in the area. “We’re seeing an influx from states where it is legal, such as Colorado, California and places like that,” said Sgt. Royce Stephens, with the Stillwater Police Department.Stephens said dealers will purchase large amounts of e-juice containing high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active ingredient of marijuana, and bring them to Oklahoma to sell.

He said police have caught half a dozen people selling these marijuana vapes in Stillwater in the last six months. The marijuana vapes are not highly regulated, and smoking them can be dangerous, Stephens said.“You don’t know what’s in it. You don’t know what the dosage is,” Stephens said.Authorities said the marijuana plant material has 15 percent to 20 percent THC levels, but the vape oil contains 60 percent to 80 percent THC levels.

Police said they want to warn residents about the dangers associated with smoking the marijuana vapes.“Just because something is commercially produced and you might be able to go buy it legally in the states, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to do,” Stephens said.

Stillwater Police said, so far, no vape shops in Stillwater have sold any of the marijuana vapes and the suspects have been private dealers.

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