ISMOKA GS Air 2 Atomizer Kit (14mm)

ISMOKA GS Air 2 Atomizer Kit (14mm)
Simple in structure, aesthetic in look, easy to use. The GS Air 2 atomizer has all the above mentioned merits. It features a clear glass tube for ejuice view and an air control base for adjustable air inflow. Perfect for the iStick basic!

1. Adjustable air inflow
2. Transparent glass tube
3. 14mm in diameter
4. 4 different types of atomizer heads for options

Packing list
1* GS Air 2 Mouthpiece
1* GS Air 2 Atomizer Tube
1* GS Air 2 Head
1* GS Air 2 Atomizer Base

The upgraded GS Air 2 Atomizer (14mm) is simple in structure and easy to use, mainly featuring the transparent glass tube and adjustable air inflow. It is the best match for the iStick basic.see more ar : ISMOKA GS Air 2 Atomizer

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