Joyetech EXCEED: Exceeds your wildest hope Tastes like real cigarettes

Joyetech EXCEED: Exceeds your wildest hope

Tastes like real cigarettes

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on the new Exceed kit by Joyetech and I cannot wait to tell you all about this device and why it’s so awesome!

It arrived a couple of days ago and I have used nothing since then, the tank and the flavour production really is superb. The tank is 2ml, which is great because I live in the UK and this means I will be able to buy all the accessories when it launches. Upon opening, I began to feel that rush of excitement that you get when opening a present, the shiny new Exceed kit looked fantastic and as I learned all about its different aspects I could not wait to use it.

After deciding which coil to use (I went for the gold coloured 0.5ohm as this had more airflow) I filled it up and waited for everything to soak, 10 minutes seemed like hours because I really wanted to start vaping on this thing! When I finally turned it on, there was a circle of light which illuminated underneath the tank which was really smart, it turned red when it was charging and then an amber colour when I tried adjusting the direct output, I think it’s a really nice touch!

WOW! The flavour on this is incredible! I was using my favourite flavour (Pink Lemonade) in a 75/25 VG:PG mix. I can honestly say that I have never had this liquid taste as good as it does in the Exceed kit, the tank didn’t last long before it needed a refill because I literally could not stop vaping on this. The vapour is really smooth and there was never a dip in performance which can sometimes happen with other e-cigs, can you tell I’m a little besotted?

The other coil was the 1.2ohm which had smaller airflow holes, this was obviously meant for people who like a more traditional vape with a tighter draw. The airflow on the tank is different from any other e-cig I’ve seen as well, there is a longer slot which I used for the gold 0.5ohm coil and if you close it halfway, three small ‘dots’ appear which I assume was to be used with the 1.2ohm coil. The flavour on this was again SUPERB and it really gives a cigarette style vape! I really cannot understand how I did not get the same flavour experience with other devices like I have with this, it’s shown me just how much taste I was missing out on that I was not even aware of!

The kit is really compact as well so it fits in my bag or pocket easily, it’s been the perfect e-cig to take with me wherever I go and I can’t wait to add more of these colourful and stylish Exceed kits to my collection!

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