New-born American E-cig:MILSPEC Milspec And Aspire Mini

Milspec_and_Aspire_Mini_Kit_1We have seen many atomizers or kits and honestly, not so many can catch my eyes when i first see it while recently, i met with the MILSPEC Milspec And Aspire Mini Kit,which appearance utilizes the conspicuous such as the vivid red and the vivid blue.Talking of the MILSPEC Milspec,few people know it for it is a new-born American brand which means it will have immeasurable potential.Milspec is a new brand in America and it cooperates with Aspire to bring you a fresh vaping experience. This kit comes with Aspire Nautilus Nano atomizer. And it’s the first 40W mod to house a 18350 battery. This new brand will offer new feelings to e-cigs market.

The MILSPEC Milspec And Aspire Mini Kit’s atomizer comes from Aspire NAUTILUS NANO,as we all know, Aspire is an old e-cigs brand launching both kits and atomizers such as ASPIRE Triton/Atlantis or ASPIRE Plato Kit.Introducing the Aspire Plato. An all in one personal vaporizer and tank system that fits in the palm of your hand. The Plato brings you temperature control and normal wattage mode up to 50 watts along with adjustable airflow, but that isn’t all. Excepet for the e-cigs kits, you must have many common sense should know!

MILSPEC Milspec And Aspire Mini

This little marvel also has multiple coil options so whether you enjoy a mouth to lung style or a direct to lung style the Plato has you covered. Simple but Complete!The Aspire Ni200 Nickel Replacement Coil allows for the use of temperature controlled output (with compatible devices only), allowing users for superior control and vape quality. These coils are also compatible with the Aspire Atlantis platform, bringing one of the most popular Sub-Ohm Tanks to the new age! You should never miss it!It is an era of ecigs while many people are vaping but not know about vaping,you know why?
As we can see, Aspire dedicates itself to details so i have reasons to know that the MILSPEC Milspec And Aspire Mini Kit won’t let you down.The Milspec Mod is also in compact size but it’s able to fire up to 40W power output. Together with Nautilus Nano atomizer they will bring about a fresh vaping feeling to all vapers. In fact, this mod is the first 40W mod powered by 18350 battery so that it can keep a tiny size for easy carrying and comfortable gripping. Anyway, if you’re tired of the dull products in today’s e-cigs market, this kit is definitely worth a try and you’ll see it’s unique!

1.Comes with an Aspire atomizer
2.First 40W mod to house 18350 battery
3.Fashionable looking and comfortable grip

You may not have heard of Milspec before because it’s a newly founded brand located in Los Angeles California. This brand is dedicated to bring a new vaping experience to the dull e-cigs market. And now they present you the Milspec and Aspire Mini Kit. Yes, it comes with an Aspire Nautilus Nano atomizer which is so powerful that you’ll never expect such a tiny body can provide such huge vapor cloud and pure taste. The package also includes 1.6ohm coil and 0.7ohm coil for your different needs!

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