New Release: Mission Starter Kit (Fundamental Practical)

New Release: Mission Starter Kit (Fundamental Practical)

The Fundamental Practical Mission is a handy 9mm-thick ultra-thin starter kit. Measuring 83mm long and 25mm wide, the Mission Kit fits perfectly in the hand. Constructed from top-grade aluminum and bronze, its matte surface gives the hand a firmer grip without sacrificing the elegance and smoothness of the body. Two colors are available–Black which declares the gravity of the dignity of Mission, and Red which illuminates its innate passion.

Its size has determined that a powerful battery is not necessary, rather, it would be disagreeable and detrimental to equip the Mission with any other cells than its built-in 270mah lithium battery, which enables the mission to remain in stand-by mode for 30 days after 1 full charge of 50 minutes or to deliver 280 puffs after 1 full charge, compared with the industry standard 200 puffs. Though modest in maximum power output (6W), the Mission kit still delivers an impressive amount of vapor and is able to satisfy the basic needs of even the most scrupulous vapers.

Its integrated structure incorporates atomizer, cartridge, and drip tip into one seamless piece, which effectively reduces leakage to 30 % of industry standard. Pull the oil tank upward gently before rotating 90 degrees to either direction. Add to drops of E-juice to both sides of the atomizing core. Inject a proper amount of E-juice into the cartridge through the oil holes. Put the oil tank back to its original position by rotating it 90 degrees to either direction. Settle the cartridge nozzle up for no less than 2 minutes before putting it to action to make sure that the cotton has been fully saturated by E-juice. Even a newbie with zero experience will find the Mission extremely easy to operate.

To unlock device, push the fire button upward 5 times successively in 2 seconds after which an LED indicator will flash 3 times before extinguishing. The device is locked in the same way. Push the fire button upward to expose the drip tip to vape. When the fire button has remained in ignition position for more than 10 seconds, the smart chip will automatically disconnect the battery to initiate overtime protection. The indicator will flash three times.

The ultra-simplicity of the Mission Kit is grounded on its simplicity of structure and design. With only two parts forming the whole Kit that are easily detachable, it takes only 1 second to install and to change the atomizer (by pressing the ejection button which is on top of the fire button).

Programmed also with short-circuit protection and battery low voltage protection, the Mission Kit makes vaping extremely safe as well as enjoyable.

Measurement: 83*25*9.5 mm
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2
Output Wattage: Maximum 6W
Atomizer Resistance: 2.2 Ohm
Battery Specification: Built-in 270 mAh
Charging Current: Less than 400 mA
Charging time: 40 min
Atomizer capacity: 1ml

Packing List:
1* Mission Mod
2* Mission Cartridge
1* USB Charging Cable
1* User Manual

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