Newest Ecig Tank:SMKON V-Engine Tank

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In my personal discoveries of 2016 list, the company Smkon is one of the first places. Guys specialize in atomizers and in a relatively short time have released a bunch of relevant and interesting devices. Also a variety of products which can still be called conventional stands out Kumo . At the time of the presentation, the market offers enough powerful tanks from various manufacturers, but Smkon still managed to surprise everyone. It was foolish to expect that such an ambitious company rest on its laurels. Continued appeared recently and received a telling title – the V – Engine .

SMKON V-Engine Tank comes with extremely big 5.5ml juice capacity and it dual filling holes design make it extremely easy to fill the tank with no trouble. Anti-spill function makes vaping on this atomizer much better than before. If you’ve already seen renderings news, or in the course of what is a the V – Engine , you must perfectly understand that the basic idea is the manufacturer in the development of this device was to make the most powerful atomizer with the highest possible capacity in board production a large amount of steam. At this point, the manufacturer offers two serviced base and one evaporator (0.12 ohm / 60 – 300W / recommended power 100 – 180W).

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In this Chinese do not even think to stop. In the description of the tank indicated that soon will be presented four options served bases and two new evaporator. To service the two air intake slots offered by the manufacturer of evaporators are provided, which features accurately enough even for such monsters. Controlled airflow standard – the rotation of the ring at the bottom of the housing. Remember, the widest diameter of the housing is 28 mm. What do you think, how much liquid can be placed in a tank of this size? At the manufacturer turned to achieve a result in 5.5 ml. Frankly, it seems to me that this product will be even more eater fluid than atomizers TFV line from SMOK and 5.5 ml will be enough.

On the other hand, it is necessary to see how much space inside the dome covers and it becomes clear that the manufacturer has tried. Without the expansion of the glass it would have been very sad. Slide the top cover, we have access to a single opening for filling liquid. The manufacturer guarantees that the flow tank will not be exact. Its brand new CX RX and PX series coil heads offer different vaping experience for vapers and guarantee different vapers can all enjoy every puff on this atomizer! No matter if you are a cloud chaser or flavor chaser, this atomizer can meet your needs.

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In the description of the device, Smkon says that is not a problem in the power of 300W for him. So, if among your friends there are those who soars to such power, then pass them that V – Engine is the perfect pot for them. Okay, jokes aside. Smkon made the device, use all the features of which will be very difficult. Veyperov beginners and mid-level can be immediately deleted from the number of potential buyers. The target audience of new items will be those who really soars at such high power and those who just want to experiment.


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