Preview of IJOY RDTA Mod Kit

Comes with a built-in can be washed huge 12.8 ml juice capacity tank and IJOY IMC Interchangeable building deck system, as well as the compatibility with IJOY COMBO RDTA and IJOY Limitless RDTA classic edition, the RDTA BOX provides a limitless expandability and versatility, make it a must buy for all build enthusiasts.

Mechanical mods are the preferred choice for vapers who enjoy warm, powerful hits day after day. Usually sold separately or with a customized RDA included, an RDTA/Mechanical Mod combination is a rare find. This makes iJoy’s RDTA Mechanical Mod Kit even more tempting as it combines the convenience of a dynamic RDTA with the power of a quality, mechanical mod.
The iJoy RDTA Mechanical Mod Kit is a complete package that comes with the Limitless RDTA Classic edition tank and a basic mechanical mod base. The mod is manufactured out of brass for increased conductivity and has a colorful paint finish that matches the included RDTA. Powered by a single 18650 battery, this basic tube mech has all of the power that makes mech mods so appealing and is super simple to use.

The paired Limitless RDTA is the more complex partner to this unit and is a high quality tank that has a wide range of functionality. This 25mm RDTA has over 10 interchangeable build decks that can be alternated according to coil-building preferences and the 6.9ml tank capacity is super convenient for hours of enjoyable chain-vaping.
IJOY RDTA Mod Kit includes a Limitless RDTA Classic Edition Tank and a mechanical Mod. The RDTA tank features interchangeable decks, supporting up to 10 different build decks for various vaping needs. And they are also compatible with IJOY COMBO RDTA. 6.9ml super huge tank capacity is bound to provide you with a great long-time vaping experience. And the Mod is made from brass and can be powered by a single 18650 battery. Give it a try and you’ll never regret!

IJOY RDTA Mod Kit consists of Limitless RDTA Classic Edition tank and a mechanical mod. The biggest feature is its interchangeable build deck for different vaping needs. The huge 6.9ml capacity can support vapers for long-time vaping. This kit is definitely a killer product. The adjustable gold-plated pin at the base of the tank provides excellent electrical conductivity and is covered with a peek insulator to make it safe for use on hybrid mods. The tank uses a handy, side refilling system but can also be converted to a basic RDA for dripping enthusiasts.

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