Review: Aspire Nautilus Atomizer (Part 2)

The Aspire Nautilus is equipped with a revolutionary adjustable airflow mechanism. It has four airflow holes of different sizes (1.8mm, 1.4mm, 1.1mm, 0.9mm) , set on the same level horizontally. By a simple turning of the lower ring, you are able to put any one of the four airflow holes in use to bring forth exactly the vaping experience your desire at the moment. You can make your draw tight or soft, your vapor warm or cool, massive or moderate, anything you wish, just by turning the lower ring to adjust the airflow holes.

Nautilus Coils
Included is the cutting-edge BDC Coil Heads, which is impeccable in every way. The coils have been expertly crafted to unparalleled excellence. The coils are available in both 1.6ohm and 1.8ohm resistance, both being explicitly designed for intense flavor and massive vapor production– you can always find the best variation for your particular needs.

Along with the Aspire Nautilus are some accessories available to further completing the set.
Nautilus Replacement Pyrex Tank, Nautilus Stainless Tank, and Nautilus Hollowed-out Sleeve Replacement Tank.

Like I said, the Aspire Nautilus remains true to its long-standing reputation. The flavor can get as intense as you wish, and the vapor could be real monstrous, depending on which airflow hole you employ.
The stainless drip tip feels frosty and refreshing in my mouth, smooth and glossy. Strangely, I do not feel the airflow resisted or diminished in the least. The stainless drip tip actually chills the vapor and adds a touch of frigidness to it.
There have been some complaints about the leaking issue, and it might be a minor con of this great atomizer. But I find that if you make sure that the drip tip is screwed tight, the possibility of a leak is minimal.
The Aspire Nautilus Atomizer is one real top-notch. Just to hold the immaculate polished body in my hand excites in me profound gratification and an insatiable craving to enjoy it. The sheer beauty of its outline is unequaled. The flavor and vapor production are above reproach—you get exactly what you want by adjusting the airflow. One last big plus would be its monstrous 5ml capacity which guarantees undisrupted vaping and continuous enjoyment.

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