Review of the newest Joyetech item:JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah

Today,i will introduce a cool and efficient kit for all of you.When i first opened the box, what came to my sight first is a a small size figure and when i hold it on my hand, it weights light and i almost feel nothing on my hand.Besides, the surface of the Joeytech EGO AIO BOX is smooth and the stickers can be changed from different colors.The kit is easy to operate and the buttons on it are clear to use.
JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah
As starters, you may be grateful for Joyetch for its new launching product, the JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah, it is in the use of all in one style design and you don’t have to face the problem of children safety because it utilizes the childproof structure.It is a popular vaping device for you for its variety and uniqueness on the stickers.It is not only cool but also convenient, don’t miss the chance to enjoy it.
JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah-1
JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah-2
The JOYETECH EGO AIO Box is all in one style, attaching the innovative anti-leaking structure, reaching the capacity of 2 ml e-juice.Its built-in battery is 2100 mah battery.The childproof structure will twist the cap with pressure simply and there are several fashionable indicator lights.The changeable and multiple colors make it cool while you are vaping.All in short, the specialty of the kit is simple and efficient.
JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah-3
JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah-4
The kit is composed of mouthpiece, atomizer base, atomizer head, usb port and glass window. The kit is 23*43*97 mm while the battery capacity is 2100 mah.The capacity is 2 ml and there are 5 colors to choose.The atomizer is inserted inside, which fits its all-in-one style.Though small in size, it is powerful enough to produce large vapor.The security is ensured for the child lock system is adopted and you need to press the top cap to screw or unscrew the atomizer base.If you want to change the color of the indicating light, you can long press the fire button to change the color from red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, white or purple on power-off condition.
JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah-5
JOYETECH EGO AIO Box Kit 2100mah-6
When you are filling the e-juice, you can press the top cap to unscrew the atomizer base and then inject it directly to the cambered slot.There are two things you need to pay attention,one is that you can’t fill beyond the max line in prevention of the overflow, the other thing is that you should drip a few drops to wet the atomizer head to avoid burn.You can easily adjust the airflow inlet by rotating the airflow ring clockwise or counterclockwise.When both sides match with each other, the airflow will be the largest and when it is rotated 90 degrees to left or right, it reaches the minimum air inflow.Such an easy box kit is equipped with the easy charging way, you can charge it simply by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter by usb cable.The button light will go out as it is fully charged.

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