Rreview of IJOY Tornado Hero RTA Tank

The Ijoy Tornado Hero is a brand new device that can be used as a tank or RTA. It is the follow-up to the company’s Tornado RDTA and has been reconfigured to feature Kennedy-style airflow that hits the coils directly and amazing juice flow. As the newest atomizer from ijoy, the Tornado Hero builds upon the original IJOY Tornado RDTA. The Tornado Hero RTA is an elegant atomizer that has the ability to be operated on standard pre-made coils. The design and functionality of this RTA allows all vapers to enjoy its unique performance, as it requires no special vaping knowledge to be operated safely and effectively, elevating the performance of the apparatus by integrating a Kennedy-style airflow system and retaining the interchangeable sub-ohm coil system while featuring 5.2mL juice reservoir, slide-and-lock top-fill, and Juice Flow Control.

Designed to excel in performance with ample building capability, the iJoy Tornado Hero maintains a 25mm diameter base while enlarging the two-post, dual terminal build deck to 18.2mm diameter that enables a larger degree of complex build configurations. The redesigned Kennedy-style airflow system is focused directly to coils so that you will enjoy huge airflow during vaping. And powerful juice flow control is applicable to both rebuildable deck and pre-made coil. You can use premade coil or build you own one according to your own tastes. The reservoir can hold up to 5.2ml of e-juice which is easily topped off with a side fill system that conveniently reveals itself by twisting the top cap and updating side filling to side and unscrew-lock filling, enlarging post holes to 2.5mm in diameter, and increasing tank capacity to 5.2ml.

The redesigned Kennedy-style airflow system, focused directly to coils. Powerful Juice Flow Control applicable to both rebuildable deck and pre-made coil. Manufactured out of 304 Stainless Steel and high quality glass, the IJOY Tornado Hero combines a elegant, efficient chassis with class leading performance.The bottom of the Tornado Hero is built with a 510 connection pin that has a 24K gold plated center pin to prevent voltage drop and maximizes conductivity. Juice flow control is adjustable by twisting the tank section and airflow is adjustable by twisting the ring at the base.
The included TRC-1 Deck implements terminal openings that measures 2.5mm in diameter, with the top two terminals secured via flathead screws while the bottom two terminals are side-secured. In rebuildable mode, the Tornado Hero deploys a Kennedy-Style airflow inside the internal chamber with four elevated airslots placed directly below the coils to provide unprecedented cooling effects, gearing towards high-performance set-ups. Retaining the versatility of the tank, the iJoy Tornado Hero includes a premade 0.3ohm TCR-Coil, with wattage range of 40 to 80W.
A convenient slide and lock gasket at the top cap allows optimal side filling of e-juice, maximizing efficiency while minimizing spillage, working in synergy with the new Juice Flow Control. Upgraded in virtually every way from an already appraised apparatus, the iJoy Tornado Hero Sub-Ohm RDTA Tank is built for creativity and performance. IJOY Tornado Hero RTA & Sub Ohm Tank inherits many great designs of the original IJOY Tornado RDTA, but comes with new features. The 18.2mm TRC1 Velocity style deck is built with 3mm wide dual posts that use Phillips head screws and have dual 2.5mm post holes each . Included with purchase, you’ll get one TRC coil that is said to fire with a resistance of 0.3Ω deck with a rating of 40 to 80 watts. Peek insulation The RTA is also compatible with pre-made coils that are not included with purchase.


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