Some Interesting Abbreviations about Vaping

Were you confused when you started vaping? (Or are you still confused now?) In the six years I have been writing about vaping (a word that has itself only just made it into the Oxford English Dictionary) the vocabulary associated with vaping has exploded like a badly put-together mechanical mod charged on an ipad plug. So, both to help the confused and for a bit of fun, we’ve put together ten words that mean different things to vapers. Can you think of more? Let me know in the comments!

1. OMG Non-Vaper: Oh My God! Vaper: Zero nicotine eliquid. (Admittedly, this only works if you pronounce it 0h-M-G!)

2. P.E.N.I.S. Non-Vaper: Isn’t that rude? Vaper: My Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System. I love it!

3. Vooping Non-Vaper: What the…? Vaper: Vaping on the loo!

4. Ohm Non-Vaper: Sound a Buddhist makes. Ohm: Measures the resistance of an atomiser. The lower the ohm, the better the throat hit.

5. Throat hit/throat kick Non-Vaper: What that mugger did when he grabbed my bag. It’s bad! Vaper: The feeling you get when vapour hits the back of your throat. It’s good!

6. ENDS Non-Vaper: The end of something e.g. a road. Vaper: Electronic nicotine delivery system. (Actually, more often used by academics to make themselves sound clever and confuse non-academics.)

7. Analog Non-Vaper: Type of signal. Vaper: A traditional tobacco cigarette.

8. BC Non-Vaper: Before Christ. Vaper: Bottom coil (also see BDC, or bottom coil clearomiser.)

9. Flooding Non-Vaper: What happens to your house in the UK in winter. Vaper: When you get eliquid down the centre tube.

10. Mod Non-Vaper: Wimpy alternative to rockers. Looks like our Dan (see pic here). Vaper: Modified electronic cigarette.

11. Vlirting Non-Vaper: Dunno. Vaper: Vaping and flirting, originating from the word smirting (smoking and flirting). (Okay, so we made this one up!)

12. Genesis Non-Vaper: The first book in the Bible. Vaper: A particular type of rebuildable atomiser that holds juice under the coils.

13. Throw Non-Vaper: What you’d do with a boot at the highland games. Vaper: The amount of travel in the switch on a mechmod before it fires.

14. Deck Non-Vaper: A type of chair. Vaper: Where your coils and wicking sit.

15. Tank Non-Vaper: A big metal vehicle that ploughs though walls, over cars and blows stuff up. Vaper: Where the juice is held inside an atomiser.

16. eGo Non-Vaper: Something a big headed person has a lot of. Vaper: Generally used word to describe generation 2 devices.

17. Stinky Non-Vaper: What farts are. Vaper: A standard cigarette.

18. Agenda Non-Vaper: Either a male or a female. Vaper: The sole motivation behind government and medical establishment’s attempt to destroy and over regulate the ecig industry.

If you have other interesting abbr, list them on the ecig forum comments!


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