Summarizing of Common Seen DNA75 Mods

Hello everyone, i haven’t seen you for a long time and during the past days, i have introduced many e-cigarette common sense, such as the usually met questions among the vaping newbies. Today i am going to talk about the DNA mods and list the common seen DNA75 mods. The biggest feature of the DNA75 mod is its steady output and there is no delay in the igniting.

The specifications of the chip of the DNA75
Output: 1-75W
TC range:100-300℃ 200-600F
Material: NI/TI/SS316
Additional function:Some of them are matched with LED
The above are common features the mods have and the following i will list some popular DNA 75 mods.


Model: American VOLCANO LAVABOX M DNA75;
Description: The VOLCANO LAVABOX M DNA75 is launched by the American VOLCANO, utilizing single 18650 battery. The curve of the mod is clean-cut and the rubber Back squab makes it fits our hands and it is very convenient to carry, besides, the back is changeable.


Model: HOTCIG DX75
Description: The DX75 is a DNA75 chip mod launched by HOTCIG, utilizing single battery and you would be surprised that this type of mod can use both the 26650 battery or the 18650 battery. Last bonus is that the mod is equipped with another 26650 battery to prevent you from losing.

Model: HCIGAR VT75
Description: The VT75 comes from HCIGAR DNA75, supporting both 18650 and 26650 batteries, The outlook of the mod is fashion, especially the silver type. I would like to say that its blink appearance attracts me a lot. VT75 cuts its size to make it touches more comfortable.

4.VT75 nano
Model: HCIGAR VT75 nano
Description: Coming from the HCIGAR, the size of the VT75 nano is smaller than the VT75 and the structure is different too. The cap of the battery port is easy to be taken away but it is a pity that it doesn’t support the 26650 battery, only single 18650 battery is available.

Model: PUFF RS75W
Description: The cool mod launched by the PUFF is not on-sale in China and its custom back light is a cool way to look cool. Utilizing single 18650 battery.


Description: The SD75 is launched by VAPE GIGE and its appearance utilizes concave-convex design, which can prevent the dropping and sweating in summer, supporting both the 18650 and 26650 battery.

7.SD MINI 75

Model: VAPE GIGE SDmini75
Description: The SD MINI 75 comes from the VAPE CIGE too while the mod use the aviation aluminum 7071. The lightest and thinnest material weights 100g when it is without taking the battery. The small size can support a single 18650 battery.

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