The Vape Opponent Has Exaggerated Too Much on the Side Effect of E-cigarettes

In the recent one month, the negative news about e-cigarettes has flooded the vape world. For example, the UK e-cig regulation, the emergency landing caused by fire from e-cigarettes, the lung disease may caused by e-cigs or the electronic cigarette ads increasing the possibility to lure kids to be exposed to vape and the like. These bad news about the electronic cigarettes have made the vape market in a slump and put the vape business owners in a suspicion and mistrust about the future of this industry. As a matter of fact, the Vape industry still owns inflation of application on wider fields and increasing number of vapers using e-cigarettes.

An authorized institution conducted an online survey of 2,406 people in the US and found that 37 per cent of smokers who use electronic cigarette view them primarily as a complementary product to traditional cigarettes, rather than a substitute. We also found that while 55 per cent of “substituters” were trying to quit, only 40% of “complementers” were.
The survey means that more than half of the smokers still hold that the electronic cigarettes can substitute the traditional tobacco as a good way to quit smoking no matter how the regulators arouse the side effects of this product.

As vaping or electronic cigarettes become so prevailing, cloud chasing as a competitive art too has gained huge popularity. Vapers compete to see who can produce large clouds of vapor using e-hookah. This means Vaping, as a competitive art, can also bring the public something to appreciate and enjoy.

Besides, drug regulators have recently granted a license for an e-cigarette to be used as a quit-smoking medicine, the first time such a product has been given a drug license in the UK.This means that the e-Voke, made by British American Tobacco, could be prescribed on the NHS to patients trying to give up smoking. A Public Health England study claimed that e-cigarettes were “95% less harmful than tobacco”.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5 January 2016 – A new study, published in the Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, found that e-cigarettes share a similar short-term safety profile as Nicorette® products and are comparable in reducing tobacco withdrawal symptoms.All the above statistics have proved that e-cigarettes still have spaces to spread in satisfying various social demands, but not exactly as the vape opponents express that the ecigs are not safer than traditional tobacco and shall definitely be regulated.

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