Those Problems We Usually Met While We Are Vaping(Box mods)

Hello every one i am Ceci from Cacuq, during your vaping period, i think you must have come across many problems, today i will summary some of them and we will focus on the box mods , and the next day ,we will discuss the problems with atomizers.Next, please be patient with what i talk, because you may have wonders.
Question 1:Is there is a USB port with the mod?Can we charge it with USB?
The box mod with inlaid battery can only be charged with USB while some can only update the system by USB and some can be charged by quick charger.However, if there is a part supporting charging on the chip, Ceci won’t suggest you charge by the USB because of the following reasons.It has been tested that most of the box mods will become heat under charging by the USB,which is that we are not willing to see.While whether the charging by the USB will accelerate the burn-in of the chips and shorten the working time of the coil insulation or fixed glue are not tested yet!So, Ceci suggest that you use the USB only when it is in emergence.

Question 2:The display of the mod shows:“Atomizer low/not found”
We will commonly think it is caused by the mod while it is a problem cause by both the mod and the atomizer.And then,what indeed causes the problem?The showing of “Atomizer low/not found”commonly happens in RBA,sometimes the resistance of the coils have been tested normal but when they are used in one kit, mistakes occurred.I came across the problems too .It is commonly because of the 510 port,though the atomizer match the port of the mod and the screws are tightly attached, the length of the positive pole of the screw of the atomizer as well as the height of the flexible positive pole and their coincidence will be one of the reasons.If you want to solve the problem, you will just have to twist the screw tightly and clean the port,such as the scrap iron and other rest materials.

Question 3:How much wattage should I use to power my atomizer?
Many new vapers will be happy to get their first kit but they don’t know what’s the appropriate voltage and i want to tell you the most suitable voltage is 17 ohm,so you guess it is right or you have to calculate it by 0.66 ohm or 1.21?Actually you don’t have to take it so complicated because many TC mods can help you.From its name we can see that the output is controlled and adjusted by the voltage.In other words,you can adjust from 3.5V-4.5V to find your favorite taste and thus the most suitable voltage, not so purpose but naturally.

Question 4:The mod can’t be turn on,is there something wrong?
There are many reasons to cause the delay or break down of the mods while it doesn’t mean it is break down.There are commonly 3 reasons to cause this problem,the battery, the circuit and the chip.If there are something wrong with the battery, you can change it directly and how can we know it is cause by the chip or circuit?Here, i will tell you a way to figure out.Take off the battery and charge the mod by USB,if the chip is fine, the mod can be turn on.
If you want to know other common questions about vaping ,especially the atomizers, you can turn to Cacuq and get more information about e-cigarette.

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