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Recently we have accumulated some questions from the vaper and found most of them have the relatively same problem and I will take one girl as example who was still completely confused about voltage, watts and ohms, and I have a feeling she’s not the only one. Before we get started, it’s worth noting if you are starting off with variable voltage, and even with different resistance atomizers, you can get a very good vaping experience without a deep understanding of the science behind it.

At its simplest level, it’s simply a matter of adjusting the voltage of the battery until you get the vapor, flavor and throat hit you desire. You can also experiment with using different resistance atomizers and combining them with different voltages. Some people want to know more, though, in order to get the perfect vaping experience. If you’re one of those, this post is for you.Do you know how to pursuit the best flavor from your e juice?

When we started writing this post, we did find that it was rapidly getting complicated. Getting a balance between a really good explanation of the science and something that everybody could understand was proving impossible. So we’ve created two parts to this blog post: A Introduction to Voltage, Watts and Ohms as well as a more advanced explanation which covers Ohms Law. First, let’s have some detailed explanation of the basic principles.

What Are Ohms?

An ohm is a unit of resistance. Essentially, the lower the resistance of your atomizers, the more electricity will flow through it. Increase the amount of resistance and less electricity will flow through. So when you use a lower resistance atomizer, and more electricity flows through, you will find the following:
more heat is generated at the coil
more vapor is generated
you may experience a more intense flavor (however, flavor perform differently with different resistance atomizers)
vapor will be warmer

Depending on your tastes, the above may all be positives! On the negative side:
your battery will be drained more quickly
battery life may be reduced
e-juice will be used more quickly
atomizers life will be reduced (very low ohm atomizers may only last 2-3 days)
you are more likely to experience a dry hit

Obviously, when you use a high resistance atomizer the opposite will happen:
less electricity flow
creating a reduced atomizers heat
a reduced amount of vapor
cooler vapor
and you may experience a less intense flavor

But on the plus side:
battery life will be longer
ess ejuice will be used
you will be less likely to get a dry hit

What Ohm Resistance Should I Use In My Atomizers?
There’s no one answer (although the sub-ohm chart above may help) – it depends on you, the vapor and throat hit you prefer, as well as the voltage you combine with the ohms. You’ll also find that different e-liquids react differently, and that the resistance used has a big impact on flavor, so it’s definitely an area for experimentation.

Variable Voltage E-Cigs Explained

The resistance of your atomizer is not the only thing which controls the amount of vapor, flavor and throat hit that are produced. It also depends on the amount of power flowing through your atomizer. There are two common types of ecig batteries which allow different amounts of power to flow through your atomizer, which are known as variable voltage (such as the Vision Spinner 2 or the Evod Variable Voltage) and variable wattage. We also accumulated some formulas to get the most suitable voltage!

As we’ve seen, you can get a more intense experience by lowering the resistance of your atomizer. You can also do the same by increasing the amount of power flowing through your e-cigarette. That may sound complicated, but usually there’s nothing more to it than pressing an up/down button or rotating a dial. But what if you want more vapor again? Then you can combine a low resistance atomizer with a higher voltage to get even more vapor. But this does come with its own problems – you are far more likely to burn through atomizers or get a dry hit, and atomizer life will be dramatically reduced.


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