What are your worst shipping experiences?

What are your worst shipping experiences?


According to the latest data, over 80% of vapers are located in the United States and Europe, while Chinese manufactures make most of the devices in the market, overseas procurement seems inevitable. Most large E-cig business choose to order from Chinese manufactures such as Joyetech, SMOK, and Eleaf, while the smaller vendors opt for overseas wholesalers which offer the same services as the domestic ones at considerable lower prices. Some enthusiastic vapers may order directly from manufactures for customized devices, and many vapers who are not satisfied with their local selections eventually favor large online shops such as Heaven Gifts and Cacuqecig. In every and all of these cases, transcontinental shipment is unavoidable.


Most companies consider shipping service one of the arch pillars of their business, dispensing both cash and labor generously to ensure customer satisfaction, but the innate conflict of shipping costs and shipping speed forces not a few companies to compromise speed in favor of lower costs. Other than delayed schedule, sometimes delivery services can be outright infuriating: when you’ve waited for two weeks beyond the designated time and your package is still sitting in China, or when the delivery man lost half your parcel and didn’t give a damn about it and the shipping company disclaimed all responsibility. So many accidents could happen in the 5000-mile course along which your package is mixed with thousand others attended by people who don’t care whether their operations might damage or lose one little paperboard box.


While great shipping experiences do exist, these incidental excellence raise impractical expectations and so customer satisfaction will be on decline thereafter even if the services of similar quality are rendered. This is indeed the evil of diminishing marginal utility but it is nevertheless something certainly experienced by customers and will affect their satisfaction level.

The fact is, a large portion of complaints from the customers are not due to defective products, but rather because of disappointing shipping experiences, which may be caused by various reasons.

1. Custom clearance takes time.
2. Shipment availability is restricted for E-cigarettes and other vaping devices.
3. E-cigarettes and other vaping devices are subjected to more strict examination at customs, and therefore more time required.
4. Custom inspection may cause lost or damaged items.
5. Unforeseeable events such as hurricanes or heavy rains may delay delivery.

Above are some of the most common and retraceable reasons due to which shipment delays happen. There are, however, many other latent or tangled causes which lay unnoticed and whose contribution may be equally critical. But a customer cares only whether his package is delivered on time and undamaged, and it is the job of the wholesalers and manufactures to improve their shipping performances.


So much being said, what I really want to know about is YOUR experiences. What are your worst shipping experiences, and how bad were they? How did you feel at that time and what did you do afterwards?


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