What did you do with Mods you are not using anymore?

What did you do with Mods you are not using anymore?


For an enthusiastic, it is not uncommon to own more than half a dozen Mods, if the old ones were not sold when the new ones were procured. New products are being released on a weekly basis, and global shipping service guarantees almost instant introduction of every innovation from the other end of the world—It is no surprise when someone declares that during the course of years he has amassed a considerable collection of Mods, without ever throwing away the disused ones.


Now comes the question, and a quite prevalent one: what did you do with the Mods you are not using anymore?

Some people, when someday opening an old dusty tin box under their bed and found there no-long-shining Mods lying crest-fallen with a dozen rusty screws and scrapes of yellow paper, might, because of the recalled fond memories and deep affections, decide to reverse the sad state of their once much-beloved Mods and lodge them at a better home. The artists among vapers might even make a miniature museum out of their (and may be their friends’) collection.


Some people who are not nearly as sentimental, plus a bit of inconvenience or displeasure when using their old Mods in the past, may well decide that those are simply rotting battery boxes and deserve nothing but to be cast away in trash cans.


Some people sell their old ones shortly after they get their hands on new ones. Or they give them away. Anyways, they don’t keep the ghosts from the past. Mods are tools to them, not pets.


There are also quite a few people who are enterprising and industrious enough to dismember their old Mods and scavenge useful parts. They might eventually reassemble something of their own out of the old scrapes.


Different people have different stories. Even the same stories always have different endings. What are your stories? What did you do with the Mods you are not using anymore?

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