What do you think about Vapeholes?

What do you think about Vapeholes?


A Vapehole, in a more refined language means vapers who are extremely inconsiderate, arrogant, and obstinate when practicing their personal hobbies. Since you all know what a Vapehole is by understanding the two separate words, plus a little bit of imagination, I won’t expend many more words to define the term in its original taste. Instead, let us look into what exactly do Vapeholes do that win them this humiliating name.

One of the signature behaviors of Vapeholes is that they blow clouds in people’s faces. They might consider this something cool, a bravado to impress, or they simply haven’t realized that other sentient beings have loves and hates of their own, and probably do not like huge masses of clouds spit on their faces. A Vapehole does not care, nor does he repent of his arrogance.


Vapeholes are the vile instigator and shameless perpetrator of the chain of contempt. They tend to show off everywhere to everyone their brand new Mech and sneer at newbies and their eGo devices. They boast of the price and new tech of their elite possessions and look down upon the inferior cousins and their owners, as if all of their significance comes from their expensive battery box.


Vapeholes are pompous evangelists. They assume that since they are passionate about vaping, then everyone should be. They not only presumptuously “educate” smokers, but also vapers who are not as keen about spitting big clouds as they themselves are. They are a pain in the neck. They are like Tony Stark.


Vapeholes never ask if they could vape in a place. They simply assume they could and take control in their own hands. When confronted, they turn a deaf ear, or turn red and start quarrels, regardless rules and regulations in the certain place. It is sometimes because of them that the public hold such grudge against the vaper community and culture.


Vapeholes vape when kids are around. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that vapor will cause adverse effects on kids’ health–I am only saying that kids are always a sensitive issue concerning a lot of issues and vaping is not exempted. Most parents don’t want their 4 year old to inhale something that is not air. But Vapeholes don’t seem to care; they don’t seem to understand; they simply dismiss displeasures or even protests from others with a “But this is not harmful at all!” and therefore forever shame the name of Vapers.


Vapeholes do a lot other things that irritate and disgust people. They put the reputation of all vapers in danger and they don’t care. Have you ever come across a Vapehole? What did he/she do and what did you think of him or her?

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