What is the best partner for vaping?

What is the best partner for vaping?


Few things deliver maximum gratification when enjoyed alone, just like few people are truly happy in the state of loneliness. Hot dumplings taste best with iced coke, and mighty Himalaya is capped by eternal snow; 007 always meets his sexy ladies, and Don Quixote is never without Sancho. In the same way, I would love to parallel vaping with the said hot dumplings, mighty Himalaya, 007, or Don Quixote, and to articulate that vaping is best companied by certain other activities which would serve to heighten its ecstasy and to elevate its exaltation.


Rock and Roll would be a proper partner for vaping for a couple of reasons. First, they are both symbols for emerging new cultures. Rock and Roll represented a prominent force that was popular and powerful in the 1950s, embodying the spirit of freedom and an overwhelming indulgence in beats and rhythms. In a similar way, vaping, though its influence not as eminent as that of Rock and Roll, in this era and in its own way, has arrested tens of millions of devotees within its short course of history. Vaping exemplifies, as Rock and Roll did, an anti-traditional cultural trend which inspires countless young supporters to stand out and express their views and values. Second, just imagine vaping in the midst of mighty gloomy death metal and stay there for a moment. Now replace Rock with any other genres of music and honestly evaluate the effect and projected level of euphoria. Of course you don’t have to prove that vaping and Rock and roll ARE the perfect match; you just know it.


Another promising candidate would be Beer and Wine, the three words standing for all sorts of spirits and liquors. I’m not saying that one has to get drunk while vaping. I am simply asking you to imagine cloud chasing while being tipsy; imagine sitting in a bar on a high stool, filling your lungs with vapor, saturating your tongue with semi-violent punches of alcohol and immersing your senses with the all-pervading dominance of utter relaxation. Imagine all these and I don’t think many people would object to the statement that Beer and Wine would be a fitting company for vaping.


Last one, Hollywood explosive action movies. Even though those fancy fighting and explosion scenes are produced in studios and are 90% special effects, vaping while F-22 launching attacks on 300-feet tall alien spaceships is still thrilling.


Gather two or three best pals, grab a dozen beers or two, and sit on your living room couch with Rock and Roll pounding your eardrums or with 5000 ton TNT explosions stinging your eyes (preferably not at the same time) and start vaping. I solemnly think that there are very few things more gratifying than this, and if there are indeed, they cost much more than this one.

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