What You Would Suffer after Quiting Smoking? It’s A Must-read for Vapers

Many vapers suffer a lot during the period of quitting smoking, so today, Ceci in Cacuq is going to tell you something about the situation you are going to suffer, so as to get you prepared to transfer to vape!

1. Mouth Ulcers after Quitting Smoking
According to the NHS site, quitting smoking leads to a change of chemicals in your body, which can in turn cause more mouth ulcers than normal.

2. Coughing, Chest Pains and Respiratory Problems
Quitting smoking can also lead to (temporary) respiratory problems: sharp chest pains, coughing and cold/flu like symptoms e.t.c. A number of sites attribute this to the body clearing itself up. But if you’re worried, get it checked out!

3. Fainting
I remember an example of an athlete in Greece who was a heavy smoker. She decided to quit smoking – and fainted in the street. (Being in Greece, her doctor recommended that she keep smoking, which I don’t think you would get in the UK.) There’s precious little information about this on the net, so this may be a rare incidence, although other quitters have reported feeling faint.


4. Mood
Nicotine makes the brain release dopamine, helping us to feel good. Smoking can also help to calm us or to stimulate us. So it’s not suprising that if you are getting no or less nicotine you can experience mood swings, depression and anxiety.

5. Weight Gain
Smoking helps control weight – and some of this may be attributable to nicotine, with some vapers reporting electronic cigarettes help control weight and others less sure. From a personal level, I find vaping/smoking is something to do when you are bored, so you may find you eat when you would otherwise smoke. In one poll we are running on facebook, 49% of reported feeling less hungry when they vaped, with 14% reporting no effect and 37% unsure.

6. Sleepiness OR Problems Getting to Sleep
Another quit smoking side effect I recently ran across (have you experienced this?) is problems with sleep. Quitting smoking can cause either sleepiness or insomnia, and has been reported by vapers who have only recently quit smoking. Fatigue generally only lasts for a couple of weeks or so, so if it persists after this time it might be worth checking with your doctor.
7. Headaches
Both smokers in the process of quitting and vapers switching to ecigs have reported getting headaches. I’ve seen various reasons given for this, including oxygen levels in the blood returning to normal and because of the body’s cravings for more nicotine. It could also be linked to other changes brought on by quitting smoking, such as a lack of sleep or increased coffee drinking.

Other Symptons
Yes, there’s more! Quitters have also reported:

Lack of Concentration
Stomach Aches

Have you experienced a side effect not listed here? Let us know in the comments.


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