Why e-cigs explode?

Have you experience the explosion of ecigs?Have you been hurt by the e-cigs kits?Have your battery of your ecig kits ever went out?If so ,you can read the passage carefully to figure out why?E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid — usually containing nicotine mixed with the chemicals propylene glycol and glycerin, and often flavorings ranging from bubble gum to watermelon — into a vapor that users can inhale. They deliver nicotine, a highly addictive drug, to the body without producing any smoke.

One of the biggest safety risks of e-cigarettes is the potential for their lithium-ion batteries to explode, sometimes into a person’s face or eyes, Siegel said. There is clearly a need for standards to make these batteries safer.An electronic cigarette exploded in the face of a man in Albany, New York, recently, leaving him with a hole his tongue and burns on his hand, CNN reported. The explosion also knocked out several of the man’s teeth.

In a 2014 report, the U.S. Fire Administration examined e-cig explosions between 2009 and 2014. Lithium-ion batteries in other devices such as cellphones and laptops have also been known to cause fires, the report said. But the design of e-cigs – with their cylindrical shape, and the weakest structural point at their ends – makes these devices more likely than others to explode if the battery fails, according to the report.The fires start in the battery. While all batteries contain electrolyte solutions (this is an essential part of how they work), the solutions used in lithium-ion batteries are different from those in regular batteries because they are flammable, the report said.


In a lithium-ion battery, the solution can become overheated, reach its boiling point and then rapidly expand and catch fire, causing the battery to explode, according to the report. Laptops and other devices have rigid plastic cases that prevent an exploding battery from doing much damage. But in an e-cig, the explosion can lead the cylindrical container of the device to explode, too, causing the device to “be propelled across the room like a bullet or small rocket,” the report said.As for the reasons,many parents should pay attention to teens vaping.

A U.S. Fire Administration report found 25 injuries in the U.S. caused by e-cigarette explosions between 2009 and 2014. No federal agency regularly tracks such data, but the reports have continued to roll in, noted the agency’s Lawrence McKenna Jr.It’s a growing problem in a country where e-cigarettes have become a $2.2 billion industry and use is climbing exponentially among adults and teens, according to federal statistics.

Users are known as “vapers” because they inhale and exhale the vapor produced by heating nicotine-laced flavored liquid with the devices.The vast majority of e-cigarettes are not regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration, though new rules to expand the agencies’ oversight are being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget. The batteries used in the devices aren’t regulated at all, the fire administration noted.

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  1. The chance of an ecig explosing is just as likely as any other lithium ion battery. This happens in mobile phones too, and any other products containing these types of batteries. It’s only when it happens with an e-cigarette that people who want to smear this disruptive technology which has helped millions stop smoking tobacco, use it as a reason why they should be banned

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