Will Ecig Battery 18650 Explode?

Will Ecig Battery 18650 Explode? In researching this list of e-cigarette explosions, we quickly became certain of one thing: many e-cigarette explosions are never reported in the media. In fact, we found a few that the FEMA document missed. Even the media outlets reporting on e-cigarette explosions are lacking on research. Using the month of February, 2016 as an example, we found several articles stating that two e-cigarette explosions had been reported in the media that month. In fact, we found 16, and we could have missed some.

Why are e-cigarette explosions under-reported? We surmise that the reasons might be much the same as they would be for any other type of fire. In some cases, local media might not consider the event newsworthy. In other cases, the e-cigarette’s owner might not report the event, perhaps out of embarrassment or because no serious damage was caused. Sometimes, an event might be reported as an e-cigarette explosion when what actually exploded was a spare battery that could have been used for any number of different electronic devices. There may have been some e-cigarette injuries that went unreported simply because the victims exercised their right to privacy. So, the information at our disposal is incomplete. Nevertheless, we have attempted to draw some conclusions about e-cigarette explosions and your safety.

Although e-cigarettes are still relatively new products, their popularity has increased rapidly. Millions of people around the world now use them, even though they are still largely unregulated and their long-term health effects are unclear. As a result, news agencies often report on e-cigarette explosions with more than a slight hint of alarm — and there is some cause for concern. If an e-cigarette is sold with a USB adapter and no wall charger, for example, it hardly seems fair to blame the buyer if the battery explodes after being connected to a computer’s USB port. It does appear that some e-cigarette products suffer from poor quality control. Overly powerful devices are also being sold to some people who don’t truly understand them.

Will Ecig Battery 18650 Explode? All of this being said, there is a small inherent failure rate with all lithium ion batteries. Owners of notebook computers, tablets, mobile phones, hoverboards and other battery-powered devices deal with these same problems — especially when knockoff third-party charging components are involved. In addition, the relatively low number of e-cigarette explosions are a drop in the bucket compared to the approximately 90,000 fires caused in the United States alone from cigarettes and other smoking materials each year.

How Can You Avoid an E-Cigarette Explosion?
1. Follow battery charging guidelines and don’t charge unattended.
Although they might share the same form factor, all USB ports and devices aren’t necessarily equal. In fact, depending on the USB power delivery standard in use, the current delivered via USB can vary by several amps. Many modern mobile phones and tablets are designed to support “fast charging,” but e-cigarette batteries may not always be up to the task and could overheat if the charging current is too high. So, you should always use the charging accessories supplied with your e-cigarette. If you purchased your e-cigarette without a wall charger, ask the manufacturer for advice. Don’t use your tablet or mobile phone charger. In addition, know that any battery has a small risk of overheating while charging. It is always wise to be nearby while you charge any battery. Lastly, it may be wise to avoid charging an e-cigarette using a computer’s USB port.

2. Don’t carry spare batteries in your pocket. Transport loose batteries in storage cases. Discard batteries with visible damage.
Many of the “e-cigarette explosions” reported in the media actually have very little to do with e-cigarettes themselves. However, many mods use removable batteries and some people don’t truly understand the power of lithium ion batteries. If a metal object touches a battery’s positive and negative terminals, there will be a short and the battery will discharge. If you carry a spare battery with keys or loose change, you’ve got a potential recipe for disaster — particularly if the battery has a damaged wrapper, because the wrapper insulates the battery’s negative terminal.

3. Exercise caution when using mechanical mods, or don’t use mech mods at all.
Most mechanical mods offer little to no safety protection, and some e-cigarette explosions have resulted from their misuse. Your battery might have a short because of a damaged wrapper. Your rebuildable atomizer might have a short because one of the leads came loose. Your battery might be over-drained because you forgot to charge it. Your battery might be over-stressed because the atomizer resistance is too low and you didn’t check it with an ohm meter or because the seller exaggerated the battery’s capabilities. The list goes on and on — and any one of these scenarios could possibly lead to battery failure. Most mechanical mods protect you from none of them. Use mechanical mods only if you understand and know how to mitigate their risks.

4. If you own a hybrid mod, use it with attachments that have protruding center pins.
Will Ecig Battery 18650 Explode? A hybrid mechanical mod has a hole in the top cap allowing the atomizer to directly touch the battery’s positive terminal. You should use a hybrid mod only with the included tank or atomizer. If you feel the need to experiment, make sure that your new attachment has a center pin that protrudes from the threading. If the center pin is even with the threading, it could cause a short as the pin and threading will touch the battery simultaneously.

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