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This is especially common when you use an e-cigarette for the first time, especially if you are vaping with a powerful device. It has also been reported as a minor side effect in several studies. We have classified some reasons will caused the coughing and also bought up some solutions to it.

Dehydration/Sore Throat/Dry Throat/Dry Nose

These are likely to be caused by the e-liquid ingredient propylene glycol. They can also be caused by nicotine. However, as over 99% of vapers smoked before vaping, and are used to nicotine, it’s unlikely this is the cause.

Restricted Airways

One study maintained that e-cigarettes can temporarily restrict airways. While this study was hotly contested by scientists, this should not be mistaken for lung damage (other things that can cause restricted airways include humid air!)

Stomach Aches

Although not highlighted by research, we know some vapers have reported stomach aches after switching to vaping. This usually appears to be temporary.


Via word of mouth we have heard that some people’s asthma has been exacerbated by vaping. However, some vapers claim that their asthma improved or even disappeared after switching to e-cigarettes. Research by Polosa et al into asthma seems to indicate that most smokers’ asthma improves after switching to e-cigs.

Vaper’s Tongue

Some vapers have found that after vaping an e-liquid for a long time they are unable to taste that flavour.

Are you experiencing other side effects? It’s possible they might not be caused by vaping, but stopping use of tobacco cigarettes. For example, some new vapers have complained of mouth ulcers. But this is also a common side effect of stopping smoking.

Let’s see some solutions to it.
There are a number of things you can do:
a. Drink plenty of water to combat dehydration and dry throat.
b. Check with your suppliers to find out the proportion of VG/PG – by going for a heavier VG e-liquid you should be able to reduce the side effects.
c. Go for a VG only e-liquid.
Going for a 100% VG e-juice is not ideal, as VG heavy e-liquid can clog clearomisers, put pressure on atomisers and delivers less throat hit – but it’s got to be better than going back to smoking! Clearomisers and tanks with large air holes such as the Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm tank deal better with VG heavy e-liquids than regular tanks. (We are currently increasing the percentage of VG in our own e-liquid, aiming to provide an e-juice which is not too heavy on pg but will continue to work well in a wide range of devices.)

Side Effects of Nicotine
While nicotine may have some side effects, over 99% of vapers (according to studies by Action on Smoking and Health) are former or current smokers, and well used to nicotine.


Nicotine is well known as an addictive substance. However, electronic cigarettes deliver less nicotine than cigarettes, and other compounds that contribute to addiction in cigarettes are not present in electronic cigarettes, so it is quite possible that e-cigarettes are less addictive than tobacco cigarettes. Recent research into dependence on electronic cigarettes not only suggests they are less addictive than cigarettes, but also that they may be less addictive than tobacco cigarettes.

Blood Pressure

Nicotine can lead to a temporary increase in blood pressure. However, there is controversy on whether it does this in the long term. Indeed, some studies have shown that smoking leads to a long term fall in blood pressure, and smoking cessation to an increase, while other studies have shown the opposite.


Contrary to popular opinion, nicotine doesn’t cause cancer – that’s caused by the inhalation of smoke. There is some controversy on whether nicotine could speed up the development of cancer – some studies say it can, while others say it can’t.

Other Side Effects of Nicotine

Other common side effects of nicotine include:

Mouth Irritation
Head Pain
Increased Hunger (although nicotine is usually an appetite suppressor)
Increased Production of Saliva
Pain in the Jaw Area
Throat Pain

Nicotine Overdose

Nicotine overdoses are rare in smokers and vapers. That’s because nicotine users are known to self-titrate i.e. they take in the amount they need, and stop before taking too much. However, if you do over-do your vaping, you could experience some of the following symptoms:
Fast Heartbeat
Nausea or Vomiting

Obviously, if you start to experience any of the above stop vaping immediately and have a lie down! These symptoms usually don’t last long.
Unproven Side Effects of Vaping
Vaping has been linked to lipid pneumonia. There was an isolated case in the UK where a vaper died of lipoid pneumonia, but there’s two reasons to be sceptical:

1. A single isolated case of lipoid pneumonia in a population of over two million vapers (almost all of whom have been smoking for years) does not prove that vaping was the cause.
2. Scientists such as Professor Polosa have pointed out the e-liquid used by the patient was glycerine based, and that it is impossible for these to cause lipoid pneumonia.


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