You Can Regulate E-cigs But Never Stop Its Increasing Growth in the Long Term

Electronic cigarette originate from China since the beginning of the 21st century. As is known to us all, the e-cigarettes were firstly used to help replace and reduce the bad impact of the traditional tobacco. The vape industry had experienced more than ten years rapid growth and still faced an increasing tendency to grow in market. However, the recent regulation against e-cigs among European market has bought a very huge impact on the vape industy. While it is not the ultimate development trend as the following factors indicate that E-cigs will be greatly improved concerning its health replaceable function and its other value it brings in human beings’ daily lives.

Apart from discussing the regulation or advocation of e-cigs, we should analyze why the e-cigs will become much more prevailing among young adults and even some young students in school. Some researchers put their fingers on the vape advertisements and spare no efforts in fighting against the development of the vape industry. However, advertising is merely a way of transmission of information and the public owns rights to be exploded to the information they want and the rights shall not be damaged.

Why e-cgis are attracting increasing number of adults’ eyesight and try to experience them? The reason is that some smokers are accepting that the e-cigs are healthier than tobacco under similar functions as tobacco. E-cigarettes can be put multiple e juice with different flavors. The out appearance of the e-cigs is special and various for satisfying different needs. A young man, if he wanna try vaping, and before this he must have know traditional tobacco or even have tried smoking before. So, it is not the e-cigarette that make people access to something not so perfectly safe but people are eager for trying something before they actually do it.

Besides, the vape industry is making great efforts in advancing e-cig application and usage among more target customers all over the world. It will be a tendency for vape researchers to invent more functional, healthier and safer e-cigarettes. Tobacco,since its naissance, has played a necessary role in smokers’ daily life and turned to be a lifestyle for those individuals. For them, e-cigarette is a smart replacement of tobacco and quitting smoking would not be something so miserable anymore and the use of first e-cig in medical care also shows the spread of vape usage. Hair curling or dying is harmful for people’s health and should we ban the hair dresser industry? It is obviously not a smart measure in dealing with the situation because you cannot prohibit people from pursuing beauty and nattiness. Similarly, the electronic cigarettes also own their value in solving problems and improving living standard for its target customers.

Regulation of vape is merely former step to improve vape industry itself and the future of e-cigarettes will be better and better. Let’s look forward to the coming of this day!

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