You Know What Your Tongue Will Become?(For Vapers)

Hello everyone i am Ceci from Cacuq!Have you ever been been vaping your favourite flavour, and suddenly noticed you don’t like it any more?Or, even worse, found you can’t taste anything or that your tongue is a bit numb?Then, my friend, you have the dreaded vaper’s tongue.First, don’t panic, as it is usually NOT serious and NOT permanent.In this article you’ll find out what causes vaper’s tongue and what to do about it.

Vaping, which is short for“vaporizing,” requires a liquid to vaporize. That liquid is called “eliquid” or, in more common parlance, “juice.” Vape juice has one base element and three optional elements. The essential component is vegetable glycerin (VG). To that can added whichever options in whatever proportions the vaper chooses: propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, and/or liquid nicotine.In the early days of vaping (before 2012) propylene glycol was often the dominant base in eliquid. VG gradually won out over PG, however, for two reasons: VG produces much more vapor and is generally considered the safer alternative (since some people are allergic to PG). Also, distilled water was sometimes used to cut eliquid (to thin the viscosity of the liquid), but that practice seems to have waned in recent years.

The term vaper’s tongue (or, sometimes, vaper’s fatigue) is used to cover a wide range of taste related ailments from going off a single individual flavour that you used to like to losing taste for all foods and drinks.While the first example is far more common, the second example is potentially more serious, with causes including dehydration, vitamin deficiency or illness. In most cases, though, the condition is temporary and soon resolves itself (although, as we shall see, there are quite a few things you can do to speed up the return of your tastes buds!)Do you want to know the relationship between the e-cigarette wholesale and the pregnant?
5 ways you could get Vapers Tongue
1. Vaping the same E-Juice flavor too much
One reason people get what is called “vapers tongue” is from always vaping the same e-juice flavor, kinda like after a you were smoking cigs for a bit the horrible cig taste went away and you no longer tasted the crap, well your taste buds like flavor variety, you could say variety is their sole purpose in life is to detect the difference in flavors, so when they get the same flavor day in and day out they get bored.
2.Damaged taste buds
For whatever reason maybe you started smoking cigs again for some reason or you eat a lot of spicy foods anything that can damage your taste buds could then be then a possible cause for you not tasting your e-juice. Some other things that can damage your taste buds Stress has been proven to “change” your taste buds effect, even breathing through your mouth can alter your taste buds it can affect your salivary glands and bacteria in your mouth.
3. Dehydration
Dehydration is one of my personal favorites to remedy this cause. Dehydration can reak havoc on your taste buds,Dehydration can cause a white coating to develop on you tongue dulling their effect to work properly, Chefs know this one all too well, plus being dehydrated is a serious medical issue and you know the rule “if your thirsty then your already dehydrated “
4. Being sick
Being sick is another no brainer, if you get sick then all of a sudden notice you can’t taste your e-juice then it’s probably safe to say that’s the cause, being sick can block your nose that is a very important tool is our sense of taste, Humans have specialized sensory cells in the nasal cavity called olfactory sensory neurons. These neurons give us our sense of smell. If you’re stopped up due to a cold, it impedes those senses and you aren’t able to smell or taste as well.
A HUGE number of medications out on the market can and will mess up your sense of taste, some medications its one of the main side effects, So the first step is if you think you have vapers tongue and are taking medications, why not take a look are the medications and maybe google them to find out if that is a side effect. Its also good to note Radiation treatments can affect your sense of smell and taste because they can damage your salivary glands and also cause dry mouth. Saliva is essential to the ability to taste because it mixes with the food in your mouth and stimulates your taste buds.
Here are some other tips for getting rid of flavor fatigue:
1.Rotate e-liquid flavors.
Mix up your repertoire of e-liquid every once in a while to avoid getting desensitized to a certain flavor. Plus, there are plenty out custom blended flavors there to choose from, so why not?
2.Brush your teeth.
Oral hygiene is always a good idea, especially since build-up on your tongue can block vapor from reaching your taste buds. Yet another reason to listen to your dentist and brush those teeth!
3.Give your senses a flavor shock.
Sometimes all your senses need is jolt to get working again. Try vaping strong flavors like mint, menthol or cinnamon and see if that does the trick.
4.Rinse out your mouth…not because you used foul language, but because sometimes your palate needs to be cleansed. See if a strong minty mouthwash like Listerine helps.
5.Smell some coffee grounds. Taking a whiff of coffee grounds is a trick commonly used by wine tasters and perfume experts. The smell of coffee can cause the olfactory senses to reset, which may help revive your taste buds.

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